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  1. Danke! War schon der meinung, dass ich 0,8er Düsen vor Jahren mal gesehen hab. Ist allerdings wirklich schon einige Zeit her...
  2. Ah ok, danke! Aber ich werde bei meinem jetzigen DualFan-Setup bleiben, bin damit sehr happy. Schon komisch, dass es für den guten alten Bastel-Ultimaker keine alternativen Düsen mehr im alten Format gibt.
  3. Ok, das ist ja schon mal was, wenn die UM2+ Düsen vom Gewinde her passen. Aber anscheinend sind die UM2+ Düsen kürzer?? Weißt du um wieviel mm ca.? Hat niemand sonst eine Bezugsquelle für UM1 Düsen? Hab leider immo kaum Zeit um zwei neue Fanducts zu konstruieren und zu drucken.
  4. Hallo Leute, ich suche mir gerade einen Wolf nach einer 0,8 mm Düse für meinen braven UM 1 / Original, wie der mittlerweile heißt. Weiß vielleicht jemand einen Shop? Ich finde in der Größe dauernd nur Düsen für UM2 aufwärts :( LG aus Berlin!
  5. Hy guys, thanks for the news. I didn't have time to do some further testing. At the moment my z-stage is disassembled, and I'm in contact with the support to solve my temp problem: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/2995-heated-bed-for-the-ultimaker-1/?p=73471
  6. I've had another look at the toolpath in the layer view of cura. The walls (or at least the outer shells of them) are printed as straight lines as I've expected, but the walls are crossed by the printhead several times when it moves between other walls. I guess that material is wiped off at the wall when the nozzle crosses the wall. So this might be the explanation for the blobs/knobs. The other issues must wait some days until I can start testing. Thanks for your help up till now !
  7. Hi, the reason why I've put the weihgt on the stage, was not to tweak my results, but to measure an elastic vertical deformation of the platform due to bending of the platform. Thus, when I would have put the weight between the rods, there wouldn't have been any vertical deformation, as the platform is rock solid in that area. I've added a new picture, where I've marked the blobs/knobs: http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_1414/gallery_17653_1414_211132.jpg in the middle of the wall there should be no reason for stringing, just a straight line of filament?!
  8. Sorry, I messed the links up, instead of your thread I read the previous thread started by Nick Foley here: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3755-horizontal-banding-elimination-thread/ Now I've also read you thread, your issue looks a bit similar to mine. My theorie is, that with the (maybe worst case) settings that I've used the bed was induced to an elastic z-movement, thus resulting in the artefacts of the riffled structure (post #6). I've checked the stiffness of the bed by putting a mass of about 1 kg on the front of the platform, which effected the platform to elastically
  9. I've added two more pictures: http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_1414/gallery_17653_1414_953817.jpg http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_1414/gallery_17653_1414_1253553.jpg there you can see a riffled structure. maybe a sign of vibration?
  10. as rigid as it was designed to be - in my opinion it is a bit too flexible, yes and yes @Dim3nsioneer: The problem is not completely unknown with this heated bed: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6907-horizontal-banding-on-um2/ Very interesting link. Was this a beta version of the heated bed kit? The first post was from 2013. My banding looks quite similar. My feeder works perfectly as far as I can judge it (the imprint in the filament looks perfect). I've noticed that the new stage on the one hand has no play and runs absolutely smoothly, but on the other hand it is not very r
  11. Hey guys, I've installed the UM heated bed upgrade to my UM original which works, except this problem: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/2995-heated-bed-for-the-ultimaker-1/?p=73471 At the moment I'm experiencing a really bad quality in z-direction: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/album/1414-z-quality/ The walls are running straight into x- or y-direction. Some of the x-walls are ok, some are really bad. Also some of the y-walls are ok and some are really bad. My settings were: faberdashery filament (which worked really well before) 200 °C nozzle temp 0.1
  12. I've installed my heated bed yesterday. The nozzle temp is displayed as 19° when cold, which seems to be realistic. The bed temp is displayed as 37° when cold, which must be wrong. Any ideas whats wrong???
  13. Sander, thanks for the news. I've just ordered one !
  14. this would realy be no big deal. I guess/hope that there will be an official answer soon
  15. ah I see, you mean this: https://www.ultimaker.com/products/electronics overall it would be "a bit" expensive. Maybe the ultimaking guys already have a workaround?!
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