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  1. Hi Anon 4321, I was away longer than expected, but when I got back immediately continued as you said , disconnected the power and found out that the sensor on the bottom of the heated bed was only soldered at one side (by gently pushing the temperature was displayed on the control display . When I soldered the sensor, I could finally start printing, thank you so much ! Greetings, Fons .
  2. Hi Anon 4321, Thank you very much for the reply! I won't be able to test it till wednesday but I'll let you know. Fons
  3. I have also added pictures with how I wired the heated bed, in case I have made big faults there already , Fons
  4. To Tommyph, I may be confusing but I have posted this also in a new topic in which a part of the problem for me is solved, although I can still not print . Maybe it works for you all the way ? http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6008-ultimaker-dead-after-installing-heated-bed/?view=getnewpost Fons
  5. Thank you anon4321 ! I followed your instructions,took option 1(changed the file in Arduino), etc. finally I have a normal screen in my Ulticontroller with letter H and functioning menu, but …i have no control over the heated bed temperature . When I do for example a preheat PLA for the bed, it gives my 0°/70, the extruder head fan starts to turn , but the temperature of the heated bed does not change . It should indicate at least the room temperature ? The resistor is soldered in its place but is there also a direction of the resistor ? Is there a systematic approach in finding the problem
  6. Hi Gr5, I posted a new topic, but to answer to your advice . My computer can establish connection, but only when I set the machine settings in Cura 14.07 to a printer without a heated bed . Fons
  7. Hi, I have installed a heated bed on my Ultimaker Original (with Ulticontroller) . The heated bed is bought a few weeks ago from 3Dprinting_HK, you all know . Upon installation, I added my modified printer as a new machine into Cura 14.07 upon which the 'default firmware' for this configuration (Ultimaker Original / extruder drive upgrade / heated printer bed(self built) ) has been installed . Then I get this reading on the Ulticontroller https://www.flickr.com/photos/128060614@N02/ and the Ulticontroller hangs . I can achieve communication again only when I install the firmware for a pr
  8. Hi, I noticed in different topics on the forum that you( anon4321) had encountered and resolved that problem with installing a self built heated bed . I have read your replies and others carefully, but I find it difficult to execute, especially the part of flash the Arduino . Would it be possible to help me a little bit further ? I have the self-built Ultimaker with the Ulticontroller which all worked fine . Then I have updated Cura to 14.07 and installed the heated bed kit (from Jason HK) . When I added the new configuration in Cura, I could upgrade the firmware for 'self-built heated bed'
  9. Hi, I have an Ultimaker Original with Ulticontroller and bought the heated bed kit from Jason HK some weeks ago . I am not able to load the default or custom firmware Marlin.hex.txt to my Ultimaker, not through Cura 14.07, 14.06 nor 14.03 . From the moment I add a machine with heated bed, a timeout is reported and the communication is gone between Cura and Ulticontroller is gone . This is the error report : Changing monitoring state from 'Offline' to 'Detecting serial port' Connecting to: /dev/cu.usbmodemfd121 (programmer) Error while connecting to /dev/cu.usbmodemfd121: 'Timeout' Seria
  10. Hello Bas, Thank you for your reply . I now feel more sure about what to do . I am preparing a new print on this moment with the settings you mentioned . These are a bit more extreme than what I tried before, so this could be positive . This is print is estimated to take 21 hours, but the lower part might be visible by tonight . I will let you know the result, Dankjewel ! Aum.
  11. Hi, For a while I am trying to print a kind of bowl in PLA (photo album attached) .I tried different temperatures between 210 and 225°C with different speeds . The infill was always set to 20% . Also not changed the shell thickness . When it is printing the lower part, it makes contact with the material, because of a deformation by the temperature I guess . I used brim an then raft to prevent this . Raft helped but not completely . Do I need another support structure ? Must I look at the other settings within Cura ? Thanks, Aum
  12. Following on the tip of setting the speed in Cura always to 100mm/s : If you set the speed at for example 60mm/s in Cura , does it show this number in the Ulticontroller interface (print speed shown when you go into the TUNE submenu from Ulticontroller)? I constantly get the same FR feed ratio as the speed indicates while printing even when I set the speed for example at 60mm/s in Cura .So the initial print speed which I set in Cura never appears in the Ulticontroller interface . Is this normal ? It isn't handy .Thanks for your reply , Aum.
  13. Hi, Although this answer is far too late to be good, I just want to thank you for the advice given . We managed to transfer an acceptable smooth shape to Cura through adjusting parameters in Solidworks as Chuleo advised . Meanwhile I am struggling to print the object which made me forget to reply to this one, this I will post in another topic . Thanks again to Chuleo and Illuminarti, Aum .
  14. Hi, Is it normal that Solidworks has difficulties to make a smooth STL file, especially round shaped models . Rising the resolution when exporting is an option of course but is also very demanding for our desktop .Is there a better way to convert from Solidworks, being able to import into Cura and have it printed smooth . Has anyone encountered a similar issue ? Thx.
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