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  1. I really like my month-old Ultibake oven, we modified it allot can't wait to show you guys! - and now that I've read you're going to keep upgrading the 'classic' - I'm ok we didn't get it. (but it sure is pretty, nice job!) I'm really glad you guys have the right attitude toward customer retention, we are with you, if you are with us! GO ULTIMAKER! one thing, my co-builder keeps bugging me - any idea what the time frame is on the heated bed? - pleeeease dont make it too much, as a thank you to the supporting community .. Pwwwease' <3 (or maybe a special price for those who bought a maker recently? That would be aWESOme! ..maybe just those who ask, and we'll keep it secret .. from what we've read the rest of the bits are great, it's just a highly significant part, maybe the number one request even?, I guess because of the ABS advantage, and I wana make some SHOES! (ps if anyone knows, does size 6.5 fit on the platform? ..maybe on an angle.....
  2. Akkkk! really! .. we knew it! our baggie is missing the little brown thing! .. it was brought to my attention a few days ago, while we were waiting for the parts to finish this thing ( which we got now! and it will finally be working tomorrow, I hope isn't that a part of the assembly which constitutes the 'hot end' .. we were thinking, what if we have to change the hot part, are we supposed to re-use the little brown thing ... Darn, and I just got a bunch of stuff sent to me. Thanks Valcrow
  3. CodeMaven, Yea we were just discussing that those lasers are kinda useless, 'other than pointing stuff out at night, and maybe being a one person rave machine with some little mirrors or something ..lol .. but yea their dangerous. Erik was looking into laser cutters and came across some really promising stuff, we got sucked into all these ideas for more user level applications, but he agrees they are a little inaccessible to fit in a ultimaker ... for now. liquidbuddha, Wow see! We knew it!, this fits right in with what Troy and Erik were talking about! We both grew up with startrek on in the room, and I always knew we get there one day! SEE!! we started this thread knowing other people were ON to this, and the verse told us :geek: I agree these ideas will be realized, then when we have them, I can just say 'Computer, tea, earl grey, hot' ..LOL except myself I'll say: computer, juicy cheeseburger! .. and while you're at it, a new silk dress, and diamond necklace! ... but for now I'll settle for ABS pumps and the cool earings anja is making on Youmagine .. I'm gonna do some cool ones too! Indeed this new industry seems to be changing every week now, talk about exciting! and now with the Ultimaker2 we are getting that'much closer... BTW, Utimaker, I bought my unit a month ago, can we get the heated bed?, I want to use the ABS I bought, but we don't want to build a bed, is it compatable with UM1? .. can I have a deal? :roll: teehee.. Anyway, This is awesome, now I have the whole familly reading about this stuff, my dad wants some little parts to fix stuff around the house, my mum wants some gardening things, even my cat wants a heated bed!, ..errr umm, I mean toys. :rolleyes:
  4. The parts came! And I would just like to say Ultimaker was quite generous Thank you SO I'm hoping I'll be able to put the final parts together tomorrow, and I'll get this thing wORkin! AWESOME! I have at least 50 items lined up to print, but first we are gonna do all the test printing thing-a-ma-jig-ers, and make sure it's all lined up. sOOO excited. I'll post everything up somewhere to show the whole process, stay tuned! Thanks again Ultimaker! Cheers!
  5. Just wondering what is supposed to be included in the baggie, when getting the 'spare hot end' with a new kit. Alice
  6. CodeMaven, [ This is Erik again.. i guess i should just make an account eh.. ] So, OHH MY G*D!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?! HAH! .. That looks like Einstein and Jordy Laforge got together and made 'My First Di-lithium Easy Bake Oven' !! I'm amazed! .. I bow to that level of enginuity sir! .. well done! So whats all that set you back? ( and dare i ask what other time-travel toys you've created? ) like 100k ? .. more? --------------------------------------------------------------- ____ Cannot link these particular pictures :( Please Click link to see: ____ https://plus.google.com/photos/102544598518008997408/albums/5446036776929888833?banner=pwa&gpsrc=pwrd1 --------------------------------------------------------------- .. I ... wow ... im guessing jules verne personally visited you, and left you with his nest egg. Anyway, give me a moment, i need to take all that in, .... ok so i hear you about the alternatives available for different applications of metal printing, circuit etching, and well .. Transwarp subspace dark-matter sintering', with an extra interpanitary travel setting... o_O .. i went through that list you linked for a while, different tool heads, verrrry interesting! .. and I'm particular to whatever is basicly accessable and/or lower cost for the average person, thats what really pushes all this stuff forward - more people interested and getting their hands on equipment for testing.. I guess the streingth in numbers thing ... anyway, i'm particular to the 1W+ laser setups .. I was looking into getting one of those hand held starwarzy jobies they have online, wicked laser i think it was called, i know i've read that they can be cranked right up, and active cooled, aimed through some apertures and used to produce quite an effect - i know theres all kinds of other lab style set-up stuff that would be better - i just also like that you could take it with you and cause some alien landing sequence out in the forest ... .. so the user-level (inexpensive-as-possible) addons to say - an ultimaker, that raises a brow, I'd love to have all these pro machines made into cheaper home applications / kits. anyhoo, i really think you should continue your work!, you definetly look like your 'on to stuff, and i know we would all benifit from it one day, hats off to you sir for walking the path i hope to travel one day, first, Alice and i will be venturing the simple printing path, and making some door stopps, and cat toys ..heh' ... she just told me she wants to make shoes and earings, and her mum wants a new selectable hose sprayer head for the garden ....... and i would like an active interdimentional phase inducing coil, and later maybe a flux capacitor, i have an old 240Z that i could make look strikingly like the delorean, with a little elbow grease .... but we'll see how it goes. i just cant believe how interesting all this is!, we Must take home fab and production to the next level. future genereations will look back at now' and see us as the pioneers, and thank us! IT IS SO fitting the ultimaker is made out of wood! - honestly think in 50 years what all this will seem/look like to our grand kids ......... i knOW the next major step is printing circuits, and getting |that| much closer to disconnecting from big industry. We need to get Erik (hey that name is familliar) to then have an IC board section to YouMagine! .. Get all these designs out there!
  7. CodeMaven, This is Erik (Alice's friend), do you think we could just talk with JPL or Nasa about how to develop a extreme high temp alloy - cobalt / solid-carbon / ceramic extruder Head for the conductive filament, and likewise a companion high-temp fiament for insulation/structure - it would be layed out at a near-extreme temp, and then when it cools it would have high versatility, or otherwise the effect we are looking for? And how about for such a thing - A CHILLED PLATFORM, or whole Chamber - with liquid nitrogen in a loop or something - is that crazy? - maybe make each wafer/layer separate, then fuse them together after? Everyone talks about a 'Heated' bed - how about a 'Chilled' one! - 'as options for such a specialized tangent of an idea. I can just imagine who ever can pull that off would litterally be written on the cap stone/marker for this revolution i mean - doing it at hOMe! woahh anyway im gonna check the link, thanks!, and take a look around ... i'm sure theres a way, then we could bring the self replicating factor up near the 99% mark .... motors and chips would be the last ... Come ON StarTrek!! ohh BTW TNG is on Space channel just now ....... gtg ..
  8. Hi SandervG, Ok first I would just like to say that Marrit from Ultimaker has been helping me continuously for days about my machine! I'm really happy about the responce I'm getting, I Feel this is a great company that has it's stuff together! And thank yOu very much for offering help too I'm positive I'll be needing it .. lol First testing revealed that 2 of the motor-driver boards wern't responding, and they're not, they're DOA, the other 2 that Are working we used to iron out the problems I was having with the main board, I thought the whole thing was %#*@ .. howeverrr - Silly me didn't know that the extruder/material feeder output/motor doesn't run unless the 'head' is nice and heated! I'm sure it's written sOMewhere, but yea, lol ... maybe thats something we could put in the instructions in the feeder section so silly girls like me know! Thanks Marrit. .. I'm new at this.... WARNING: To all the Noobs out there that dont know this - The MATERIAL FEEDER DOESN'T RUN IF NOT HEATED! (use the prepare/preheat command to get the head hot, then control it) Anyway, that came about because I didn't get THAT far in the initial testing, one limit switch wasn't working so I was stopped short in the Cura 'Sanity' testing, and didn't get to test very much - also the majority of the parts fer the feeder were unfortunetly not included.. :/ ... and the screws that were missing was a whole bag, like a big one - 70 to 100 pc's err something .. ouch ... But like I said, I'm sure it was just a freak accident, it's ok I believe all is worked out now! - I'm waitin' for a reply from Ulta-help for when the parts will be sent, then I'll get this little monster hummin'! - ohh and I just haVE to run the Zelda theme song on it - LOL - we saw that on youBoob, and you have NO idea how badly I need that file! .. I played that game on my brothers nintendo when I was like 5, I made it pretty far, and that gannon dude was a bi*%@ch stealin' the keys and whatever .. I'm gonna go back and kick his ass one day.. But I digress, SO yea just waitin'on an email ... I'll keep you guys updated! You have a great day too Sander!
  9. Agreed I just finished building mine also...
  10. OMG wow! .. I really need to look around more, thats prettymuch exactly what I was thinking! .. I'm amazed . thanks for the links guys! ...humm .. I'm wondering how far people could go with it in terms of vibrancy and selectability of the colors ... like in the code could be the 'mix' ..and you could control an entire palette of colors .. like a reasonable ammount of gamut ... then eventually be able to print the full gamut with specialized filament err whatever.. now thAT would be cool.
  11. oh my friend is gonna be happy, he wants to make whole circuits or whatever, he was having one of those 'IMAgiNE whAT you Can DOO with THIS!' 'moments ..lol but I can see the benifit of eventually being able to print out all the electronics for this stuff too ... hummm I can see the first person to do that would be remembered forever! just need to make better filament
  12. Ok so I have an idea, hardware upgrade! - What if a specialized extruder head could be made to allow 3 filaments into the head, saaaay Red Green and Blue, then by having the 3 feeders control the ammount, you could effectivly 'mix' any color! - you'd have to get creative with how it works, but these are the things that quite allot of people are asking, the 'but can it do that' advancements that really turn heads - atleast it's on the list for the girls I've talked to .. lol Or, How about this, even better! what if someone developed color filament based on the specific temperature it was extruded, like the 'Mood plastic' they have on those cards or in those rings, I found this on amazon: Stress Card, Mood Card, Plastic cards BLACK = Tense RED = Nervous GREEN = Calm BLUE = Relaxed Warm Hands are Relaxed, Cold Hands are Tense. The stress chip shows ... bla bla bla I know that would be quite a chemistry exploration, but imagin if you could offer a single filament, that could be ANY colour, or atleast within a range - based on temp .. ohh and while your at it, a sparkly line of filaments, especially clear.
  13. Ok, so just having another moment pulling quintessence from the ether, and we were wondering if anyone is working on the ability to have dual extrusion - with one output being a high-tech MODIIFIED solder filament - or otherwise some kind of metalic suspension that has electrical properties, and one could litterally print-out circuits! They would be somewhat simpler, limited by the accuracy and reliability of the special filament, thicker (maybe), with the other nozzle printing insulation layers - or otherwise the entire object! - with the IC pathways internally routed through it, then solder in your switchs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, leds' etc. Anyone who can develop such a substance would OWN this market .. just sayin' (and thats what happens when I let my engineer friend type ..lol.. thank you Erik)
  14. Hey Valcro, Oops i got it wrong - we are missing parts for the Material Feeder - not the extruder, we found this near the end when we had used most of the parts, lol .. yea there was a couple times we thought something might be missing, but we had everything layed out on a separate table and it was all there, well almost. I understnad with such a large assortment of parts it increases the chances of missing stuff, so ..blehh .. but i'm sure we'll get it up and running soonz' .. I just wrote a ticket thing, I'm guessing they'll see it tomorrow. the wait continues...
  15. Hey I'm back, yea it was really great how fast it came, I was finally able to put it together now, I was away for a few weeks. I wrote about it in the 'Welcome section..
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