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  1. ralph80

    UMO + won't start after firmware update

    Hey Neotko, thank you for your reaction. I took apart the controller en double checked everything. As far as i can see everything is connected in the right way. You where saying that you had a blue screen an 0 temp. My does the same, but it also doesn't react to anything and this happend after the firmware update. How did you isolate the wires? I can always try
  2. ralph80

    UMO + won't start after firmware update

    Thank you guys for the reply. Unfortenatly i do not now which firmware it was. I now have the latest firmware one it. The version of the board is 1.5.7.
  3. Hello, It has been a while sinds iv'e been printing. I installed the latest version of cura 2.3 and ran all the tests. My UMO works perfectly. I thought lets do a firmware update. After the update the controller has a blank screen and the UMO won't start or heat up anymore. I have tried to use older versions of cura but noothing seems to work. Has anyone else had the same problem or maybe a solution for this problem? I hope you guys can help Thanks
  4. ralph80

    tussentijds aanpassen snelheid printerUM original

    welke van de 2 printers heb je?
  5. ralph80

    eindstop z-as heated bed upgrade

    Bij de testprint na het levelen blijft de print niet plakken op de glasplaat. Vandaar dat ik het me af vroeg.
  6. Vandaag heb ik eindelijk de nieuwe heated bed upgrade voor de original binnen gekregen. Een paar uurtjes verder en ik had deze erop, wat gelukkig vrij makkelijk ging. Nu kwam ik erachter dat bij het afstellen van de upgrade er onder geen palletje zit voor de eindstop voor de z as. Is dit bewust gedaan of een foutje?? Wat mij verder opviel is dat bij het levellen van het bed het bed niet meeverwarmd wordt. Hierdoor blijft je testprint niet op de glasplaat liggen en moet je deze dus handmatig voor verwarmen. Is dir eventueel aan te passen in een nieuwere versie van Cura Daid?
  7. ralph80

    Heated bed for the Ultimaker 1

    Same here. I so need the heated bed upgrade
  8. ralph80

    SD card

    This is on windows
  9. ralph80

    SD card

    When the card is inserted it can find the card. But in the card menu it doesn't show any files
  10. ralph80

    SD card

    original UM
  11. ralph80

    SD card

    2 gb SD card. Is it often the same problem with other controllers?
  12. ralph80

    SD card

    Hello guys, i run in to a problem and i'am hoping that somebody can help me with this. When i insert my sd card the UM controller doesn't find it. This is the first i used it because normally i work with the usb cable
  13. ralph80

    turn off webcam Cura

    Hello Daid, I am really a noob when i comes to programming and i apriciate what you are doing for Cura. I'am still hoping you can find a fix for this bug. Thanks
  14. ralph80

    turn off webcam Cura

    Hello Daid, I've dowloaded this new beta version and installed it. Now i can print but the camera is still on.
  15. ralph80

    turn off webcam Cura

    What is the RC1?

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