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  1. I would rather say the UM2+ feeder has a massive gear reduction and is much more precise than the old direct feeder.
  2. Dim3nsioneer

    Post your latest print!

    PLA? Are you sure? Could it be PVA? That one dissolves in water and is quite bio-compatible (but not for all people - some show an allergic reaction).
  3. Dim3nsioneer

    means of recording filament use

    Both Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 write onto the NFC chip what amount of filament has been used. You can check on the printer what is left on the spool.
  4. Dim3nsioneer

    Post-processing plugin settings highly persistant.

    It just should be more easily accessible than resetting whole profiles. Something like a right-click on that icon giving an option "clear postproc scripts" would be nice.
  5. Dim3nsioneer

    Tree Supports

    I recommend to use the support blocker. What you refer to as "inside" is still "outside" for Cura as it seems to be a cavity with a hole at the bottom.
  6. Dim3nsioneer

    Fat first layer makes screw holes too tight

    Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion 😉
  7. Dim3nsioneer

    double Extruder problem

    Did you check the GCode with a text editor? Can you find according M104/M109 commands?
  8. When the printer is switched off? That would be very unusual.
  9. Can you move the head in x direction by hand when it is switched off? If yes, does it feel normal (compared to the y axis)?
  10. No. Active leveling is always performed on the S5 before a print and cannot be switched off. A pretty dirty trick might be to start the print with a different material (that has less oozing at the temperature used during active leveling) in that print core (you will have to override the configuration mismatch in Cura Connect) and then to pause the print as early as possible (I can't guarantee it but maybe that's possible even in the heat up phase) and perform a material change in order to change to TPU.
  11. No. If you have an Ultimaker 3, you can set the active leveling frequency to 'never' and start it from the menu without having loaded the TPU yet.
  12. Nice procedure. Just keep in mind that during material change the position of the print head is not optimal for pushing or pulling (not in an corner). You might bend the print head axles if not careful enough.
  13. Dim3nsioneer


    How many years did it take you to finish it? I think to remember you worked on this since quite some time ago...
  14. Dim3nsioneer

    Network Name

    Check the settings in Cura Connect. The S5 offers this functionality. If the UM3 does not yet it should be a matter of time / future firmware upgrades.
  15. @rcfocus, what material are you printing? The behavior you describe is different for different materials.

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