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  1. Just enable support generation. If you want more information about support settings and tools, check out the Ultimaker Curea support pages, e.g. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012612779-Support-settings
  2. Your topic title suggests you have a S3 to sell. However, the S3 was just introduced in fall 2019. Could it be it is an Ultimaker 3? Also, currency, your location / locations you could ship it to, some pictures and details about print core usage, etc. might help you finding a buyer.
  3. I think what @fieldOfView described was essentially the process Ultimaker went through when designing the Ultimaker S5. The electronics of the S5 are derived from designs that were originally on the Ultiboard of the Ultimaker 2+. The feeders are an improved version of the Ultimaker 2+ feeder (having a different lever and a filament sensor).
  4. Such requests already exist. E.g. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/6072
  5. I can't give you a definitive answer as I'm not a dev. But it happened to me exactly the same way.
  6. With the print core cleaning wizard, yes. But you can also do manual cold pulls by adjusting temperature manually and then you can also use other filaments.
  7. No, due to the 6-to-1 junction in the material station feeding goes only in one direction. The feeders on the printer are responsible for continuously feeding material through the print cores while the prefeeders in the material station work in steps and make sure the main feeders always get enough filament.
  8. The filament runout sensors in the Material station are just before the prefeeder in the Material Station so the remaining filament can be retracted back into the Material Station compartment. As you realized there are about two meter of filament left which you can e.g. perfectly use for performing print core cleaning.
  9. The Ultimaker 3 (not S3) was indeed the last Ultimaker printer with open hardware. I would not expect the S line hardware to become open. May I ask what do you see as advantage of open hardware in a professional 3D printer?
  10. If it sticks then only a bit, depending on the geometry. ASA usually works fine with e.g. Ultimaker Breakaway material.
  11. Support Blocker blocks support, it does not erase it. That means you have to put the support blocker element over the overhang you don't want to have support generated for. From your picture I have the impression that the support blocker element is outside the print object which will not work. Please also check if support horizontal expansion is producing some unwanted support.
  12. A modifier mesh in Cura can achieve this temperature change (on the printer you are limited to +/-25 degC). You can combine it with a PauseatHeight instance for an easy spool change. But you have to fool the printer about the type of material, i.e. it has to be selected manually, e.g. as Generic PLA.
  13. Nylon ist milchig-trüb und hat nichts mit transparent zu tun. Die beste Transparenz erreicht man mit CPE+ Transparent wenn man es bei 260°C, 0.05mm Schichtdicke und einer 0.8mm Düse druckt (und die Parameter etwas variiert um die besten Ergebnisse aus dem jeweiligen Drucker herauszuholen). PC Transparent ist auch nicht so schlecht bezüglich Durchsichtigkeit.
  14. Cura will offer you a 0.2mm profile for this combination so that might indeed be the best choice.
  15. Yes, that might be the key. I was btw. referring to the material selection on the printer but looked it up on a S5.
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