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  1. When this happens to me I usually use some tweezers and/or turn the printer around and shake it a bit.
  2. Dim3nsioneer

    Trying to find a solution to printing with PC and support

    I would check the cooling settings. With cooling off for both materials they really sticks very well to each other.
  3. Dim3nsioneer

    Writing a custom Cura package

    Is the login at contribute.ultimaker.com with the community user supposed to work? I e.g. only get an error message.
  4. Dim3nsioneer

    Aluminum build plate update

    Filling out that new form does not result in any kind of confirmation e-mail either (as didn't the aluminium plate form); at least it did not for me. Maybe some kind of short receipt would be a good idea? It would not create that slightly uneasy feeling that the submission might not be considered due to a technical problem.
  5. Dim3nsioneer

    [Request] Show current layer in the display

    That might indeed be a good reason. Using some postprocessing scripts or plugins which alter some parameters at a certain height might be another or an extension of the first one. The more efficient user would of course not sit in front of the printer all the time but check from time to time. Therefore a layer number would give him/her an idea when might be a good time to have a peak again. You could ask the same question for Cura. It's in there. Why not giving the user a simple tool to compare the physical outcome with the layer view in Cura? Personally I would prefer simple solutions which have a chance to be implemented in reasonable time rather than fancy stuff that is blocking development ressources for months or years while people out there use the printer with no improvement at all (aka KISS=keep it short and simple). I assume the meaning of the UX designer is not the only criterium for such changes but feedback is also included in such decisions? Anyway, I have to admit that this might not be the most pressing issue in the S5 firmware. And sorry for the late reply.
  6. Be aware that you will probably get a color change at your print head with temperatures around 300 degree or higher.
  7. Dim3nsioneer

    Eastman - Amphora AM3300

    So this might be a good starting point for colorFabb Ngen too?
  8. Look for "start x" and "start y" in the detailed settings.
  9. Dim3nsioneer

    UM2 Netzteil defekt

    Oberflächlich ja, aber unter der Haube wurde inzwischen einiges etwas angepasst, das zeigt ein direkter Vergleich der beiden Repositories.
  10. Dim3nsioneer

    UM2 Netzteil defekt

    Grundsätzlich kann das GST Netzteil mit einem UM2 eingesetzt werden; neue UM2+ werden auch mit einem solchen ausgeliefert. Die Erfahrung zeigt, dass UM2 mit älterer Firmware Probleme mit den zusätzlichen Sicherheiten im GST Netzteil erzeugen. Meine Empfehlung wäre, den UM2 auf einen UM2+ aufzurüsten und mit der neusten Firmware zu versehen, dann sollte der Betrieb mit dem GST-Netzteil kein Problem sein und der aufgerüstete Drucker macht dann erst noch mehr Freude (Olsson Block, Feeder mit Getriebe, genauerer Temperatursensor etc.).
  11. Dim3nsioneer

    Ultimaker S5 networking issues

    It's a well distributed bug in Cura, Cura Connect and the app which Ultimaker will hopefully fix anytime soon. You might get rid of it for some time by using the Cura Connect reset on your printer.
  12. It depends which guys you mean... 3rd party printer profiles have to be contributed by the community and/or the manufacturer. Ultimaker is only responsible for the Ultimaker printer profiles.
  13. Dim3nsioneer

    Not full build plate usable in Cura

    This article might be helpful too: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/44677-maximum-build-volume-ultimaker-2-plus-ultimaker-3
  14. Dim3nsioneer

    Ultimaker Tough PLS settings in Ultimaker 2+

    Same here.
  15. Dim3nsioneer

    Now available: Ultimaker Cura 3.6 | Stable

    RetractWhileCombing was developed for legacy Cura and is not compatible with current Cura versions anymore. Meanwhile additional combing options made that old functionality obsolete for me.

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