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  1. Dim3nsioneer

    Hotspot progression!

    There are two work-arounds: update with an USB stick and installation of the testing version and the again of the stable version. The first one is probably safer.
  2. Dim3nsioneer

    Hotspot progression!

    Have you already tried reinstalling that latest version (4.3.3)?
  3. Dim3nsioneer

    Hotspot progression!

    What printer model and firmware version do you have?
  4. Dim3nsioneer

    lost what do we need for our little guys to start

    With some basic coding skills OpenSCAD might also be interesting for geometrical objects.
  5. Dim3nsioneer

    Transportschlauch gekürzt

    Diese Länge ist in der Firmware hardcoded. Je nach Druckermodell kann man natürlich die Quelle herunterladen, die Länge anpassen und neu kompilieren. Wenn Du nur einen oder zwei Zentimeter gekürzt hast, dann sollte das aber mit etwas weniger weit reinschieben beim Laden kompensierbar sein. Mehr würde ich sowieso nicht kürzen, da sonst die Bowden Tube Knicke bekommen kann. Die Bowden Tube gibt es bei Ultimaker Resellern als Ersatzteil; ein Austausch wäre da empfohlen.
  6. Dim3nsioneer

    CC core availability

    As for the cooperation with large material manufacturers, you can see from the UM press releases (and displayed on the main website) which companies have a collaboration with UM - so far, DSM and Owens Corning were published. If you check their portfolio, you might see what you can expect. It is pretty obvious that with the new print core abrasive materials are on top of the priority list, i.e. any functional material together with some chopped fibers might belong to those materials.
  7. Dim3nsioneer

    CC core availability

    The information about November 13th was there from day 1 (you can trust me as an UM ambassador and UM reseller on that). Maybe that distributor was actually referring to November 15th?
  8. Dim3nsioneer

    CC core availability

    That information is not correct. Officially the core will become available as from November 13th; see https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52718-our-complete-solution-3d-printing-with-high-performance-plastics-and-composites
  9. Dim3nsioneer

    Cura Pricing not showing up.

    Do you have a local and a network S5 in Cura? One could have been created by a project. Cura might confuse them and check the one which has not stored the cost information for. But it's just a speculation as it seems to work for me.
  10. Dim3nsioneer

    Where to suggest a new feature?

    New features are best requested on Github. If it is a slicer feature, you can submit it here: https://github.com/ultimaker/curaengine/issues If it is rather a GUI feature, you can submit it here: https://github.com/ultimaker/cura/issues If you are not sure which of the two, I would rather use the second one.
  11. Dim3nsioneer

    CPE und CPE+ Haftung

    Der geschickte Benutzer nimmt die Glasplatte raus zum Einsprühen... 😉
  12. Dim3nsioneer

    S5 Cura Updated and FW Question

    My next test would be to install the latest firmware (again) from USB stick.
  13. Because then you will have to adjust all the files immediately when the beta comes out so they work with the stable release. Maybe even earlier. Remember that e.g. this time there were only two weeks between beta and stable release. A plugin can be updated later, after the stable release and people can download whenever the people in charge of the Mark2 Cura files found the time to adjust them for the new version.
  14. Dim3nsioneer

    Owens Corning XSTRAND™

    When you have no reseller nearby it certainly makes sense. But maybe you want to cross-check shipping costs as shipping from Sweden is rather on the expensive side...
  15. Dim3nsioneer

    S5 Cura Updated and FW Question

    So you have no possibility to get into the main menu? What happens when the printer does not have an internet connection? If you have it on LAN, it's easy to test, on WiFi, you maybe can switch off the router/access point or move the printer somewhere outside the range of the router/access point.

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