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  1. You have to install the profile from Market Place. As mentioned, the transfer to the printer should happen automatically, e.g. at Cura startup. If it doesn't (and the connection logo is shown in Cura - the check inside the blue dot) your Cura configuration might be corrupt. In such a case, delete (or better rename) your configuration folder, which you find through the menu help->show configuration folder.
  2. The new UM3 nozzle cover and that for the S line printers are not the same.
  3. It submits the data automatically after establishing the link and on each Cura startup.
  4. That would be to connect printer and PC with a direct Ethernet connection and make sure the firewall on the printer is disabled. Any direct network connection (not through the cloud) works for that purpose.
  5. I would assume BASF will bring such a filament if it is possible to print and post-process it.
  6. Wouldn't do a reduction of the flow have the same effect? And no, I don't see that effect on my Pro Bundle unless the first layer flow setting is crap for the profile used.
  7. Genau. Man kann natürlich anstatt des Support-Blocker-Würfel auch ein anderes, geladenes 3D-Objekt als Modifier Mesh verwenden.
  8. The distributors and resellers do not have access to the production documentation of an individual printer at Ultimaker. Distributors know through which reseller a printer was sold and can forward an inquiry. Please be aware that often warranty applies only to the original owner and is not passed on when a printer is sold.
  9. What adhesion agent do you use? In case you use the glue stick and it is not enough you might want to try e.g. Magigoo Original for ABS and Magigoo PC for polycarbonate. Be aware the first one can adhere extremely well, depending on the filament brand.
  10. If you still have the old white piece that grips the Bowden tube simply tak that one.
  11. If you want to use a material the profile of which does not support the Material Station, you have to use a generic profile such as the PA GFF in this case. Be aware that it is not uncommon that this way fails at unloading the material. Personally, I usually switch the printer off, disconnect the Material Station for such materials and put the spool holder back in, then reboot the printer so it starts as a standalone S5. Of course it does not hurt (hopefully) if you contact the manufacturer and ask if making the profile compatible with the Material Station is planned.
  12. Sink it into the buildplate is even possible with the "drop to buildplate" option enabled. You should disable that option if you want an object "hovering" over the plate, i.e. creating a vertical space that will be filled with support structure. When you "unsink" the object, the "drop to buildplate" comes in handy again.
  13. Your reseller should be able to answer that question... 😉 Yes, it is. 🙂
  14. Should be possible. The two materials are definitively compatible. An issue could be stringing of the TPU.
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