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  1. No, the firmware does not support such an extruder swap. But the Material Station changes from one spool to the next (with the same material) if the first one is empty.
  2. Nein, auf dem Kontinent innerhalb der EU dürften die Verzögerungen klein sein. Aber es gibt in Europa auch Länder, die nicht zur EU gehören und wo durchaus auch (soetwas wie) Deutsch gesprochen wird. Daher die Bemerkung. 🙂 In der Vorweihnachtszeit sind aber generell die Transportwege etwas "länger". Die USA werden übrigens wie der Rest von Amerika ab Produktionsstätte in Memphis beliefert.
  3. Hallo zusammen Bitte habt noch ein klein wenig Geduld; es sollte heute im Verlauf des Tages eine Information veröffentlicht werden: Generell kann es bei einzelnen Resellern natürlich zu anderen Lieferterminen kommen aus Gründen, welche ausserhalb der Firmware-Thematik oder überhaupt des Einflussbereichs von Ultimaker liegen (z.B. Zollabfertigungen, lange Lieferwege etc.).
  4. It's pretty safe to assume that such an upgrade kit will never happen due to those reasons: - there has never been an Ultimaker upgrade kit when the model name changed - an upgraded UM3 would not be a S3 as that machine has a different frame / belt size; it would mean adding another model to firmware and Cura with material profiles Also keep in mind that for custom mechanical changes you will have to make changes in the firmware which will be overwritten at the next firmware update.
  5. @der_s , I would recommend to start a new thread for your UMO and include a few pictures and some information about what might come with the printer (e.g. filaments). Using this older thread might not attract a currently interested buyer.
  6. First, you must be using a really old Cura version as that script was renamed to ChangeAtZ quite some time ago. In general the first instance of the script relates to speeds calculated already by Cura. Every additional instance then relates to the previous result. However, for me it sounds as if you could achieve your goal simply by adjusting the speed values for first layer and in general, using only one slow layer? edit: For simple changes as this one, you may want to use the helper volume / per model settings for e.g. changing speed within a certain z range.
  7. For me (Win10, Firefox 70.0.1) the category browser on the right side of support pages (e.g. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23099-unboxing ) is not working when ublock is enabled. Maybe it is possible to find a different technical solution that is not sensitive to ad blockers? edit: with ublock disabled, jumping to subtopics works but not jumping to other topics (main entries). edit 2: the same with Chrome 78.0.3904.108 but it works with Edge.
  8. Grundsätzlich ja. Allerdings hat der Wechsel in der Verpackung vor drei Jahren stattgefunden. Je nach Material könnte das schon einen Einfluss auf die Druckqualität haben (muss aber nicht).
  9. Download the profile in Cura Marketplace. 😎
  10. Der Teflon Inliner/Insert bekommt dank des doppelten Heatbreaks nie mehr als 100 Grad ab.
  11. Auch die Printcores haben einen Teflon-Inliner. Es gibt mindestens ein Beispiel von @ultiarjan im englischen Teil des Forums für einen UM2-Umbau auf Single-Printcore (sorry, habe den Link nicht gerade bei der Hand).
  12. Also, Cura notifies for new firmware versions of the Ultimaker printers you have installed.
  13. Possibly more than those companies you mentioned 😉
  14. Which one do you mean? PLA? That is not that rarely used by engineers...
  15. The only thing a S5 does "on its own" with the power switch off is lowering the bed; actually gravity does that. The induced current by the z-motor could result in some flickering. For sure it does nothing else as that power switch is a mechanical switch. If it still has power, then something would be wrong with the switch. The only other, very unlikely, explanation is that it is haunted by a 👻 😉
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