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  1. That is a very good advice. The reseller is always first choice to ask warranty questions. I cannot speak for other resellers or Ultimaker in terms of warranty. I can only refer to the warranty document by Ultimaker: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011627400-Ultimaker-S-line-warranty
  2. Does the grinding happen right from the start of a print or later?
  3. Wow, how thick is that plate that pulling the bed down is not sufficient? @gr5 already gave the spot-on explanation for no. 2. Sounds like a bug. Please report it to your reseller so it can be passed on. I'm away from my UM2+ Connect atm, so can't check it. If there is no tune menu there yet, I imagine there will be and it will be more populated in future. You can't and you will never been able to. It was advertized to be cloud-based right from the start. You have the printer connected through E
  4. Sorry to be a bit persistent: Does the same print core also still work with other materials after you printed the I180 with? As for the print core cleaning: did you use hot pulls or cold pulls? In case you used cold pulls: did you get a perfect mirror image of the inner print core geometry on the pulled filament?
  5. Does the same print core work with a different filament and does the I180 work in the other print core?
  6. You can always manually arrange models in the build plate with the translation/move tool. If your model stays in the aur, please check if you have "drop models to build plate" enabled in the Cura configuration settings. Also, model errors can affect Cura's ability to arrange objects on the build plate.
  7. Was für ein Material druckst Du denn, bei welcher Temperatur und hast Du das Druckbett auf dem UM2+ sauber manuell ausnivelliert?
  8. Did you disconnect the Material Station from power? If not, please do that and it might work. Don't forget to push the filament that might still be in one of the channels from to front to the back and pull it out there, maybe where the Bowden tube enters the main feeder of the printer. If the filament is indeed jammed get in contact with your reseller.
  9. Yes, you can switch the lights off on the S5 and then the lights of the Material Station go off as well.
  10. I would vote against a general remote possibility to confirm the removal. However, a boolean flag in the firmware which indicates if actually any line has been printed or not yet could give the information necessary to abort a not-yet-started print remotely without having to confirm the removal on the printer.
  11. I assume you are talking about a network-connected Ultimaker printer - so it is actually a firmware thing, not a Cura thing. However, the S-line printers and also the Ultimaker 3 familiy have that behavior for good reasons. It is crucial, that the user confirms that the build plate is empty - doesn't matter if the print was aborted or properly finished. If it wouldn't stop at that point, it would continue with the next print job in the queue. As the internal camera does not show the complete build plate when the print bed is fully down, the only safe way to do this is t
  12. That is the base of a prime tower which you can disable under "dual extrusion" in the custom settings.
  13. As Aquasys120 is fully compatible with PLA the only reason to keep the PVA might be the price tag, PVA being the less expensive of the two materials. But that is only a topic if you print really a lot.
  14. Was the generic CPE profile among your tests?
  15. I would switch it off and push a longer piece of robust filament, e.g. Tough PLA all the way through 1A and pull it out at the back (disconnect the Material Station Bowden tube below the main feeder of the S5 for this).
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