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  1. The standard M3x16 or M3x14 screws are still used for all purposes other than the casing. But not for the bottom cover. I would check inside the build volume for a missing screw, e.g. somewhere on the bottom of the print bed.
  2. You might want to try resetting all printer data (on the printer). You will lose all settings except print core calibrations. Then connect the printer through LAN/WiFi with Cura and restart Cura to initiate the material data transfer.
  3. After a reboot of the printer, is the material there in the selection list on the printer?
  4. Yes, the Ultimaker 3 is not produced anymore. There might be some units left in the warehouses of distributors and resellers. Spare parts can be provided five years after a model is discontinued. That means you get spare parts but maybe you have to buy an assembly, i.e. more than just the parts you actually have to replace.
  5. The softest material among the Ultimaker partner materials have a hardness of 85 Shore A. This is pretty much the limit you can go with a Bowden printer for professional usage. Hobby users might try hacks like oiling the inside of the Bowden tube for printing even softer material.
  6. The question is if it did happen on the first maybe three layers or later.
  7. Griffin is the gcode flavor for the Ultimaker 3 and the S-line printers.
  8. Same material family (co-polyesters) but not the identical material. But the CPE profile is indeed a good starting point for PET-G.
  9. At which height / layer of the print did it happen?
  10. Unfortunately not. But I agree this would be a useful feature.
  11. Do you use Ultimaker Essentials Early Access? Then please get in contact with your reseller and ask him for a Digital Factory compatible firmware for your Ultimaker 3.
  12. I see your point. Yes, afaik the brand is not included in the text displayed on the printer. But you can use e.g. "colorFabb XT" instead of just "XT" in the type field and then it should be displayed correctly. The routines for displaying that name on the printer probably come from a time where no strategic material partnership existed (Ultimaker 3 Launch). So it could have been intensional. But with the partner materials and the tendency that people want to have more and more their own profiles it could be that it will be adjusted in future.
  13. Generic materials as defined in Cura should be all compatible with the Material Station. If your Pro Bundle does not let you choose one of those something might be broken with the material table in your printer. In such a case, I would recommend to reset all printer settings. Defining Material Station compatible materials in Cura is not that straigth forward. You can copy a generic material and unlink it from the original material to get it sent to the printer. But you cannot define the Material Station specific properties like depriming temperature etc. in Cura but only in the json file
  14. Afaik the app is indeed not maintained anymore by Ultimaker although it is still available in the Google Play Store. The current recommendation is to use digitalfactory.ultimaker.com on your mobile device instead.
  15. You can change the theme in the Cura configuration. There is a light and a dark colorblind theme too there.
  16. Does it change if you increase the frame light?
  17. The question is how sensitive you are to an electrical incident, depending on the quality of the PSU you use. Be aware you that if you use a different PSU than the type Ultimaker uses you do that on your own risk. Imo a decent printer should be driven by a decent PSU. But it's of course your decision. Be safe.
  18. The PSU of the Ultimaker Original+ as well as for the heated bed upgrade of the Ultimaker Original is the same PSU as the Ultimaker 2+ and the Ultimaker 3 comes / came with. That means you should get it from a well-sorted Ultimaker reseller. Apart from those locations: if you turn the PSU you will see the type label from Meanwell. That should give you enough information to search it on the internet so you can buy from your preferred dealer or shop.
  19. That logo is usually only seen at startup. Does your printer boot until you get the main menu? You need to reset all printer settings - something did not initialize properly after the firmware upgrade. If your printer does not come up to the main menu (give it 15-20 minutes please), switch it off, disconnect the material station bus cable and switch it on again so it starts as a standalone S5. Then you can do the reset.
  20. I heard a rumor that there is a pandemic that force also Ultimaker into the home office which might delay new things... 😉 There is one new UM product for sure this fall: Ultimaker Essentials. edit: The launch of the Ultimaker S5 was btw. in May 2018, not fall...
  21. I do have an idea, yes. 😉 But it is up to R&D and UM Testing to decide that a firmware version is stable and can be published. From that moment it does only take a few days maybe until your printer will indicate that the new firmware is available. The only thing I can say is that if things go as planned then we are closer to the next version than we are away from the last one.
  22. There is no legacy Cura version 15.0.x as the scheme for numbering was "year.month.counter". For 15.04 there were multiple versions which did not all come out in April 2015. I guess this must then be 15.04.6 😉 That was the latest legacy Cura version iirc.
  23. The BB core will likely clog. I recommend you wait with further "tests" until the next firmware is out. It will bring some significant changes especially for PVA in the Pro Bundle. Also please use bay F and E for PVA in printcore 2. If you do not have extremely new PVA also try to anneal the PVA and maybe cut of the last meter after a while not using it before the next print in order to minimize likelihood of breaking in the main feeder.
  24. Yes, it is the same firmware - currently 5.2.11.
  25. Yes, any preferred reseller should be able to provide new sliding blocks. As for instructions, there is a Video from FBRC8, which shows how to assemble the sliding blocks. Changing the block shells in-situ is possible but does not work that well as with removing the axes.
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