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  1. @ACCSisko Die Verunreinigungen sehen mir aber so ein wenig nach Holzstaub gemischt mit Oel aus. Betreibst Du den Drucker in einer staubbeladenen Umgebung? Falls ja, dann würde ich Dir auch Probleme mit den Bronze-Lagern in den seitlichen Horizontalführungen und mit der Elektronik voraussagen. Ultimaker Drucker sind nicht für solche Umgebungen geeignet, da Sie keinen entsprechenden IP-Schutz haben. In diesem Fall wäre Nachdenken über eine Umplatzierung des Druckers wohl nicht ganz so schlecht.
  2. If the ambient temperature at the printer location is indeed 7-10degC then you probably have found the cause of your printing issues. Please be aware that the official operating temperature for Ultimaker printers is 15-32degC. You can try closing the front as you did and increasing the bed temperature by 5-10deg. I would not close the top in an uncontrolled way as it might lead to temperature issues with some printer components.
  3. Another way is to use a modifier mesh. Create a block, set its type to modifier mesh, assign it to the other extruder and raise it to the correct height.
  4. It's probably a bit late for your print but for the next time: simply remove the paper circle (which includes the NFC tag) from the empty spool and put it onto the spool you want to use. Make sure you remove the paper circle from that spool in advance if it is an Ultimaker material (so the printer only sees one NFC chip).
  5. Please keep in mind that support structures in FFF and inverse SLA serve different purposes. In FFF it prevents the slack of overhangs while in inverse SLA it prevents the printed object or parts of it to detach from the build platform. For the latter, well distributed touch points are enough while for FFF a surface (interface) is needed. I recommend you look into getting a dual extrusion printer (that allows for the usage of a water-soluble support material) as the Ultimaker S-Line for your application.
  6. Those two you mentioned or Aquasys120.
  7. This effect is usually caused by applying too much cooling for materials that don't need much cooling like ABS. Try reducing the cooling.
  8. The 3kg Ultrafuse 316L spools should be put on an external spool holder based on ball bearing, otherwise you get an underextrusion due to too high resistance when turning (e.g. on the UM spool holder). So it's not ideal to put it into the Material Station. Also, the material profile from BASF is not compatible with the Material Station.
  9. Afaik there is still a timeout after five minutes or so. How large is the amount of filament during that time? It can't be more than 10cm of filament wich is less than one permille of a whole 750g spool. I understand that there are more expensive filaments where one does not want to lose more than necessary. But that would just be a good reason to stay with the printer during priming and confirm the extrusion at the right time, wouldn't it? Please don't forget that it is important to see that the material extrudes normally for getting a good print.
  10. Cura 4.9 has indeed a bug that affects all S-line printers (and probably also the Ultimaker 3) in the way described above. Ultimaker is working on it. In the meantime, it is recommended to use Cura 4.8 for the affected printers (for dual prints).
  11. I maybe would try it with resetting the printer to defaults and reconnect printer and Cura through direct network connection (not Digital Factory / Cloud). Then restart Cura and it should resend all materials (Cura restart might not even be necessary).
  12. What material / material profile do you use?
  13. @JimKlein: I assume you already tested to power down the printer, leave it for at least 30 seconds off and then reboot? It often helped with printers I have seen to be in this state.
  14. In the Bowden tube indeed? Not in the main feeder? What does your S5 show on the side panel, an Ultibot or the current Ultimaker logo (U)?
  15. @UlrichC-DE Danke für die Erleuterung. Kann ich nachvollziehen, dass man auf den Gedanken der Überflüssigkeit in besagter Konstellation kommen kann. Hier macht es sicher einen Unterschied, ob es sich wie von @Beta2Shape geschrieben um einen Preferred Reseller oder um einen Authorized Reseller (i.a. auch Boxmover genannt) handelt. Gewisse Themen oder Effekte können natürlich auch einen komplexen Hintergrund haben, so dass sie schlussendlich von der Ultimaker Entwicklungsabteilung gelöst werden müssen.
  16. Worauf beziehst Du Dich hier? Mir scheint die Aussage recht pauschal und auch etwas rufschädigend. Zu den Deutschen Händlern kann ich nichts sagen aber z.B. hier in der Schweiz ist uns Preferred Reseller die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden wichtig.
  17. If you followed Ultimaker for some time you know that they don't publish (anymore) other dates than "from now on". They had their experiences... 😉 I would expect more details on the PETG soon but the cores might take some time.
  18. You have to install the profile from Market Place. As mentioned, the transfer to the printer should happen automatically, e.g. at Cura startup. If it doesn't (and the connection logo is shown in Cura - the check inside the blue dot) your Cura configuration might be corrupt. In such a case, delete (or better rename) your configuration folder, which you find through the menu help->show configuration folder.
  19. The new UM3 nozzle cover and that for the S line printers are not the same.
  20. It submits the data automatically after establishing the link and on each Cura startup.
  21. That would be to connect printer and PC with a direct Ethernet connection and make sure the firewall on the printer is disabled. Any direct network connection (not through the cloud) works for that purpose.
  22. I would assume BASF will bring such a filament if it is possible to print and post-process it.
  23. Wouldn't do a reduction of the flow have the same effect? And no, I don't see that effect on my Pro Bundle unless the first layer flow setting is crap for the profile used.
  24. Genau. Man kann natürlich anstatt des Support-Blocker-Würfel auch ein anderes, geladenes 3D-Objekt als Modifier Mesh verwenden.
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