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  1. Yes. Use a helper volume and assign the other extruder to that helper volume.
  2. It might be a question of time until that material (the BASF I assume?) is compatible with the Pro Bundle. Various brands are currently updating their profiles for making them compatible with the Material Station.
  3. A not properly recognized or oriented NFC tag (e.g. very early Ultimaker NFC spools had the tag on the "wrong" side) can block the whole NFC recognition of the Material Station with the current firmware. Please make sure this is not the case.
  4. Options have the tendency to be forgotten to be disabled again by the user. We see that with the post-processing scripts in Cura which are sticky. It would have to be a setting with default setting disabled.
  5. If switching off the WiFi in the network menu is not enough please get in contact with your resellers as customers are not supposed to open the electronics on the bottom of the S5 (where the WiFi module sits).
  6. Please also try a Cura Connect reset. If you reboot, leave the printer off for a few minutes. If all fails, a firmware recovery might help: Be aware that you loose all calibration data with a recovery.
  7. @Projects: Please keep in mind that the procedures @IRobertI and I suggested are work-arounds, not solutions. Ultimaker launched the Material Station with clearly people in mind that want an automatic spool swap when one is empty and maximum productivity in general. So if you have that need you might want to consider the Material Station. Also, there are some logical challenges with an extruder swap solution. Imagine you don't use a material that is separated by color, e.g. generic PLA. You have generic PLA in both extruders, but in fact they don't have the same color.
  8. Or you use the two yellow removal tools that come with the Air Manager. 😉
  9. If not done already, check if the Bowden tube is mounted the correct way round.
  10. Can you push the filament so far into the Bowden tube that you see about 5cm of it? I always load it that way, then you don't have to wait funtil it comes out of the print core.
  11. The camera is not implemented in the cloud connection yet. You can access the camera through the Ultimaker App. Personally, I would rate security higher than getting a camera image everywhere. However, this post will give you the information you are looking for:
  12. Instead of opening ports (also to possible intruders) you might want to use the Ultimaker cloud. Atm the camera image is not yet available but afaik it's very high up in the list of coming cloud features.
  13. Or you could go even one step further and use a helper volume for the upper part and assign extruder 2 for that volume. It would then automatically switch to the second extruder at the height the helper volume starts.
  14. If you have not done yet, please follow @Smithy's advise and contact your reseller. This behavior of your printer is far from normal.
  15. Hast Du es denn Deinem Reseller schon gemeldet?
  16. Not in the quick start manual that comes in various languages and is included as paper copy in the package. But it is explained in the standard manual: https://ultimaker.com/download/75369/ultimaker-s5-material-station-user-manual-en.pdf
  17. There is a drying unit based on dessiccant that is regenerated regularly inside the Material Station. You do only see the exhaust on the back and a small opening inside filament compartment. Best thing you probably can do is to put a small hygrometer inside the compartment. You should see humidity drop within minutes (unless your enviroment is already very dry).
  18. Try removing the PVA. As you have a AA 0.4 print core in slot 2, you get the incompatibility message. That message might block the NFC recognition. It's worth a try. If you reuse the NFC tag from the empty spool, use it in a different bay than the one that spool was emptied.
  19. Inclufing a filament runout? That would be great.
  20. While future firmware version might bring some changes, this issue has already been reported here:
  21. Wenn es die Meldung ist, die ich denke: Da gibt es meines Wissens noch einen kleinen Bug in der Firmware der mit der nächsten Version ausgebügelt sein sollte.
  22. Das nennt sich dann ja Design for (additive) Manufacturing. Analog geht man ja auch bei anderen Kunststoff-Formungsverfahren vor, z.B. bei der Konstruktion von Werkzeugen für den Spritzguss.
  23. Maybe it's an issue with the internal wiring to one of the connectors or something like this; most probably an issue where the community cannot help you. Please get in contact with your reseller for coordination of the next steps (if not done already).
  24. And the normal spool holder is also not plugged into the NFC connector, right?
  25. You only used the UMB out ports on both the printer and the Material Station and the UMB in port on the Material Station, right?
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