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  1. That seemed to be true last year, but several comparable new machines are priced at or slightly above the UM2+: Raise3D N2, BCN3D Sigma, 3DGence One, and Lulzbot TAZ6 are a few ...than other printers... not: than all other printers...
  2. Well, white plastic gets brown with heat. That's normal. But of course one would not see it if the plastic would have a different color. That's maybe one reason why in the past all pcbs were green or brown...
  3. Alles. Cura 2.1.2 ist eine komplette Neuentwicklung gegenüber den Legacy-Versionen.
  4. Mine looks the same. I consider it as normal.
  5. You mean the Olsson block that was packed with the Ultimaker2 between November 2015 and January 2016? There was no extra heater there but the machines had a 25W heater at that time.
  6. Ist ja nicht nur für ABS wichtig. Auch z.B. Colorfabb HT mags über 100°C auf dem Bett...
  7. 15.04.x are the legacy versions. It's still the old interface not again...
  8. Der real existierende Abstand ist grösser als der Abstand, der von Cura verwendet wird. Wie hoch ist das höchste Objekt?
  9. Are you referring to an Olsson block bought from 3dSolex (or from one of their resellers) or to the UM2+ upgrade kit from Ultimaker? The latter has a 35W heater included. But you can measure the resistance R of the heater and then calculate the power by 24V x 24V / R.
  10. It's true that Ultimaker products are more expensive than other 3D printers. But things like this forum or Cura also have to be financed somehow. Furthermore, Ultimaker really cares about their users.
  11. As far as I know there is no Flex-PLA from Ultimaker. Maybe it's a different brand you mean?
  12. Die Option Nacheinander drucken wird von Cura ignoriert wenn die Höhe mindestens eines Objekts den Abstand zwischen Bett und schmalen Achsen überschreitet.
  13. With simplify3d you can change the layer height at any height. This means fast printing for the lower layers and good resolution for the upper layers of a sphere-like object.
  14. software.ultimaker.com
  15. If Ultimaker stays with their habits concerning announcements of new or upgraded products, the website would be on maintenance for about 8-9h before an announcement (see UM2, UMO+, UM2+). So if you see that there is a new post in this thread you will always be disappointed... But: There have also been such maintenance times after which not a new product but new bugs of the forum were introduced (oops - did I just write this?).
  16. Well now as the UM2+ files are out it should be possible to print a mirrored version of the feeder case?
  17. in addition: - all three fans of the printhead are operational? Printing times of 30 hours and more are not uncommon, the machine can handle long prints without problems (if it is in a good condition...) In addition: - What's the temperature of the feeder motor after 4 hours? Can you still touch it? You may have to remove the white cover in the back left corner; two screws from outside...
  18. Does it make sense to buy one printer and make another printer out of it just by replacing every part? Isn't that just the most expensive way to buy a second printer?
  19. If you still have some of the PLA left which came with the printer you could extend your test series to Ultimaker PLA. Be aware that there are differences not only between colors but also from spool to spool. @iroberti might be able to tell more about those effects.
  20. @Eraser: @iroberti's picture shows the spacers I meant. Could you fix that pulley without screw in the meantime? If you need a new grub screw and have problem with getting it because it's metric you may get in contact with @valcrow. He is the Canadian distributor.
  21. @Kevparang: Is your friend with the UM2 here on the forum? Maybe you could ask him to share his experience with us? Any structured feedback about issues with the Matchless products is welcome.
  22. Why buying if you have a 3d printer to print them...? PLA is fine for those spacers, it won't get very hot there unless you completely close your printer.
  23. Da es das, was Du möchtest, scheinbar nicht gibt: schreibe doch einen kleinen Contest mit einem hübschen Preis hier aus, dann schreibt Dir ev. jemand ein solches Programm. Einen weiteren Thread mit dem gleichen Thema aufmachen wird Dich vermutlich eher nicht weiterbringen. Waren da übrigens im alten Thread nicht doch ein paar schöne Lösungsansätze?
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