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  1. Instead of opening ports (also to possible intruders) you might want to use the Ultimaker cloud. Atm the camera image is not yet available but afaik it's very high up in the list of coming cloud features.
  2. Or you could go even one step further and use a helper volume for the upper part and assign extruder 2 for that volume. It would then automatically switch to the second extruder at the height the helper volume starts.
  3. If you have not done yet, please follow @Smithy's advise and contact your reseller. This behavior of your printer is far from normal.
  4. Hast Du es denn Deinem Reseller schon gemeldet?
  5. Not in the quick start manual that comes in various languages and is included as paper copy in the package. But it is explained in the standard manual: https://ultimaker.com/download/75369/ultimaker-s5-material-station-user-manual-en.pdf
  6. There is a drying unit based on dessiccant that is regenerated regularly inside the Material Station. You do only see the exhaust on the back and a small opening inside filament compartment. Best thing you probably can do is to put a small hygrometer inside the compartment. You should see humidity drop within minutes (unless your enviroment is already very dry).
  7. Try removing the PVA. As you have a AA 0.4 print core in slot 2, you get the incompatibility message. That message might block the NFC recognition. It's worth a try. If you reuse the NFC tag from the empty spool, use it in a different bay than the one that spool was emptied.
  8. Inclufing a filament runout? That would be great.
  9. While future firmware version might bring some changes, this issue has already been reported here:
  10. Wenn es die Meldung ist, die ich denke: Da gibt es meines Wissens noch einen kleinen Bug in der Firmware der mit der nächsten Version ausgebügelt sein sollte.
  11. Das nennt sich dann ja Design for (additive) Manufacturing. Analog geht man ja auch bei anderen Kunststoff-Formungsverfahren vor, z.B. bei der Konstruktion von Werkzeugen für den Spritzguss.
  12. Maybe it's an issue with the internal wiring to one of the connectors or something like this; most probably an issue where the community cannot help you. Please get in contact with your reseller for coordination of the next steps (if not done already).
  13. And the normal spool holder is also not plugged into the NFC connector, right?
  14. You only used the UMB out ports on both the printer and the Material Station and the UMB in port on the Material Station, right?
  15. @FALSF, unter ultimaker.com/resellers findest Du die Reseller Deines Landes. Jeder preferred reseller müsste Dir diese Teile beschaffen können.
  16. First, check if there are logs on that USB stick written last night. If so, save them somewhere; they might become handy. For how long did you power the machine off? 30 seconds is probably enough but in case you want to do it again, let it off for 5 minutes or so. If you have no success, repeat it with both printcores and the spool holder connector (NFC) removed. If it is still stuck at the same point, there is not much you can do and you should contact your reseller.
  17. Was man beim Air Manager hört ist der Luftstrom durch den Filter. Beim Lüfter selbst wurde ein sehr leises Produkt verbaut das man aus dem PC-Bereich kennt. Es gibt die Möglichkeit, eine Abluftleitung direkt via druckbaren Flanschanschluss an den Air Manager anzuschliessen; entsprechende Montagelöcher in der Haube sind vorhanden und Schrauben liegen bei. Einen kürzeren Schlauch oder Bogen mit Durchmesser 15cm o.ä. da anzuschliessen könnte durchaus eine signifikante Beruhigung mit sich bringen. Hier ist allerdings streng darauf zu achten, dass eine angeschlossene Vorrichtung nicht den Luft
  18. I tend to disagree. If you really want to save time, you use more than one glass plate so you can quickly swap the plate after a print is finished and do not have to wait until it is fully cooled down and removed. The differences between glass plates are large enough to make a new active leveling necessary for getting a good first layer.
  19. If you can, change one of the materials. The second table on this page shows you compatible materials. As you can see, PLA and TPU is not a supported combination. ABS/TPU or PC/TPU should work quite well.
  20. Just out of curiosity: what's wrong with getting that version?
  21. Sich an die Anleitung zu halten ist generell eine gute Idee. 😉 Der Erstinbetriebnahmeassistent kann durch Drücken auf das X rechts oben abgebrochen werden. Einzelne Schritte davon können ev. nicht abgebrochen werden. Vor dem Laden des Materials z.B. wäre ein guter Zeitpunkt.
  22. M109 waits for the sensor to reach the desired temperature, M104 does not. That can be easily checked e.g. here: https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M109:_Set_Extruder_Temperature_and_Wait So it's the other way round and the gcode is fine there. Also please be aware that third party printer profiles are contributed by community members and Ultimaker will probably only fix such profiles when a corresponding pull request on Github is made.
  23. Seems to me like a problem with the screen or its internal connection to the Olimx board. Please get in contact with your reseller.
  24. I would strongly advise not to open the Material Station yourself at this point. You might be well able to solve the problem yourself and reassemble the device correctly but as it is a new product any issue popping up should be handled by official channels in order to get the feedback to wherever it is needed to improve / optimize things.
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