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  1. Das mit dem Kein-Material-am-Anfang hat sich bei mir durch Neuladen des Materials beheben lassen.
  2. The CC 0.6 core is not compatible with 1.75mm filament. A Cura (?) crash occuring when changing the filament diameter to 1.75mm is therefore probably not considered to be a bug with high priority to fix. Best thing you could do is to use 2.85mm material.
  3. Most people here are used to a very smooth surface on the bottom due to the glass plate Ultimaker printer print onto. I guess you refer to a non-Ultimaker printer?
  4. So you have two objects that you set to different extruders, set the infill extruder to not overridden and the wall extruder to a specific value? That is a good work-around for the missing infill extruder per object setting.
  5. Ein Teil davon kannst Du z.B. als Haftvermittler auf dem Heizbett verwenden. Das funktioniert je nach Geometrie sogar mit ABS und PC.
  6. @Sassw please be aware that @Daid is not working anymore at Ultimaker - he still might follow a few topics but maybe not those clearly Ultimaker hardware-related.
  7. Currently not. It would require the infill extruder setting to be a per-model-setting.
  8. You said "yes" to the override message on the display of the printer, right? In case of doubt, it's always a good strategy to first add a new Ultimaker 2+ to Cura and then switch that new one to Marlin. Like this you make sure it starts with default settings that should actually be fine for that printer.
  9. It's maybe a bit cryptic but up to date: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/tree/master/resources/definitions
  10. Are you on an Ultimaker 2 or 2+? That one is special because it stores the main print parameters in the printer and you have to override it. If you want to override those settings in Cura, you indeed have to change the gcode flavor to "Marlin" in the machine settings. So that is a special case because of the printer, not because of Cura. Every other printer should have the print temperature in the custom settings in Cura.
  11. Do you refer to tiny holes in the uppermost layer (that is what I might be able to see in that picture)? If yes, that can have many reasons from non-ideal temperature to part-blockades in printcore, Bowden tube or feeder. A good first check usually is to increase print temperature by 5-10deg and check if it is still there. If yes, then it's rather something mechanical. Still it could be a cooling effect if something is wrong with the fans. It's a very wide field.
  12. It does not. It's not included in the Ultimaker 3 Marlin.
  13. Der Marlin-Teil der Ultimaker 3 Firmware kennt den M303-Befeh nicht. Logik dahinter: Da ohnehin nur die Ultimaker Printcores verwendet werden sollten, welche alle die gleichen Parameter benutzen, braucht es diese Funktion nicht. Beantwortet das Dein Anliegen?
  14. There are multiple ways to change the visibility in Cura; you may want to check out https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52858-custom-mode Some groups of settings only become visible if you enable that feature, e.g. support settings are only visible if support is enabled. That makes sense for me; maybe it does also for you?
  15. Die Logik ist, den Benutzer solange warten zu lassen bis die Platte ohne Verbrennungsgefahr entnommen werden kann. Alles andere sollte der Hersteller ja nicht begünstigen, oder?
  16. Eine Möglichkeit wäre, die warme Glasplatte mit dem fertigen Druck aus dem Drucker zu nehmen und gleich eine kühle einzulegen, dann ist Abkühlsequenz viel schneller beendet.
  17. It takes indeed pretty long to finish the abort procedure. A 'skip cooldown' procedure (which does not end up in the wrong position of the filament) would be appreciated. When you abort a print you usually don't want to wait for minutes until you can start over again.
  18. Scheint mir etwas Drucker-typisches zu sein. Ev. ist die Retraction distance mit 1mm etwas kurz?
  19. Die Teile sind halt nicht ganz identisch. Das kann ausreichen damit Cura die beiden Teile unterschiedlich sliced. V.a. auf die Verfahrbewegungen wirkt sich das dann aus, was vermutlich für die problematische Stelle entscheidend ist. Ein 3mf-File davon könnte ev. noch hilfreich sein; dann sieht man alle Einstellungen. Ausser es steht alles auf Standard-Einstellungen, dann erübrigt sich das.
  20. Kann das sein, dass Du die Retraction ausgeschaltet hast? Mir scheint vom GCode her, dass alle Fahrbewegungen ohne Rückzug ausgeführt werden. Dann verliert das Hotend natürlich Material welches dann am entscheidenden Ort fehlt.
  21. Bei der Entwicklung der Firmware ist man davon ausgegangen, dass die Temperatur des Heizbettes während des Drucks um eben maximal diese +/-25 Grad verstellt werden muss/will, was ich persönlich keine unvernünftige Annahme finde. Aber: Vielleicht magst Du dazu kurz ein paar Angaben machen? Was spricht aus Deiner Sicht gegen den bestehenden Ablauf? Hast Du dabei Nachteile beobachtet?
  22. Oh, I missed that one completely. You selected the CC 0.6 core. The material you want to print has no profile for that print core. Therefore it is not in the list. Select an AA 0.4 core in extruder one and you will have the material available.
  23. @nourelmenyawi I would try a fresh clean install of Cura. Your installation also lacks the Ultimaker materials as far as I can see. For a clean reinstall, you have to remove all data in the configuration folder. Help->Show configuration folder shows you the the way.
  24. Oh - that one (for the Ultimaker Original). This doesn't work on Ultimaker 3, S5 and S3 as you have to confirm removal of the print. I'm actually not sure about the Ultimaker 2+. Clever minds might find / have found a way to tweak the machine and/or gcode. But it was never something official.
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