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  1. Like this: Use a helper volume (e.g. a cube you scale to your needs and lift to the correct height (you have to disable the drop-on-buildplate-option in the Cura configuration)), and give it the role of "Modify settings for overlap with other models" from the "per Model settings". Then add the speed you want to change to the per Model settings and voilà: it goes at a different speed (the image above shows going faster aka higher flow but of course it also works the other way round).
  2. Do you mean this one: https://ultimaker.com/learn/behind-the-scenes-how-ultimaker-3d-printers-are-manufactured
  3. No need for worries. The unloading of the filament with the Material Station installed is a bit different to the unloading you might be used to. It cools down the filament until it can rip it apart in the print head in such a way that only a peaked tip comes out which goes easily through the main feeder. Afaik there should also be a special tool included in the package with which you can prepare the filament end for an ideal shape of the tip at loading.
  4. Check the list of resellers in your country (top right on the main Ultimaker website). A preferred reseller might offer trainings for your needs.
  5. Let's not underestimate the number of businesses which bought an Ultimaker printer at an early stage (Ultimaker 2) and used (and still use) it for professional purposes. I guess you refer mainly to makers. Yes, it's pretty obvious that Ultimaker does not primarily target makers with the S5 Pro Bundle. But a maker still can buy an Ultimaker 2+ which is a great machine and strong workhorse and can also be "upgraded" with e.g. Octoprint to a network printer (including a camera).
  6. Exactly the same as previously on the spool holder at the back: you manually select the material from the list. Don't forget you control the material station through the S5 - it's not a stand-alone device.
  7. until
    On the 30th of October, DIM3NSIONS hosts together with our friends from the FabLab Lucerne, Switzerland, another Swiss Ultimaker Session at the FabLab Lucerne. We will not only show the newest Ultimaker products - the Ultimaker S3 and the S5 Pro Bundle - but also have some workshops about maintenance, 3D scanning with an app and prepare the scan for printing and Design for additive Manufacturing. We will also address topics like ROI of Ultimaker printers and time to prototype for professionals interested into starting with in-house 3D printing. Meet other Ultimaker users and exc
  8. Why do you think Ultimaker had a robot on their stuff all those years? 😉
  9. Schau mal unter Hilfe->Konfigurationsordner anzeigen; wenn Du alles darin löschst, sollte Cura eigentlich wieder ganz von Vorne beginnen.
  10. Have a look at Tinkercad from Autodesk.
  11. Availability might also depend on individual locations. Places further away from production might see a delay in availability and some places might be geographically close but behind a certain length in the logistic chain. E.g. in Europe, UM products first are delivered to distributors and from there to resellers. Countries outside the European Union usually also see a delay due to customs. It was definitively shorter. The S5 was announced in April 18 and officially launched in May. First printers were shipped to end users in the second half of June iirc.
  12. 😒And I hoped it would be that long-promised toaster.
  13. Alternatively, you can organize the files in folders if the list gets too long. Sort orders may depend on personal preferences. One person prefers it sorted by date, another by name, both ascending and descending. I got used to the current sort order; one swift turn to the left with the wheel and I'm at the end of the list. But usually when I need to reprint a job, it's one somewhere in the middle. 🙂
  14. You can jump to the end of the list by turning the selector wheel counter-clockwise.
  15. Looks to me like the filament in extruder 2 is not at the right position (due to whatever reason) and it prints thin air first. Enabling the prime blob for extruder 2 might give enough feed to fix the issue. If it is a hickup in the firmware, a Cura Connect reset might help.
  16. Filament recommendations might be different for various countries, especially if the price is important. Maybe you want to mention what country you are in.
  17. It's not very likely you will get helpful assistance here (especially not if you post it in the Ultimaker printer section) for a hardware/firmware-related feature of a non-Ultimaker printer. Maybe look out for some user group dedicated to your printer? A quick Google search tells me there might be something on Facebook.
  18. The Aluminium plate from Ultimaker was supposed to be made from anodized Aluminium, not PEI coated Aluminium. Obviously, one works, the other doesn't (in the way and with the lifetime intended).
  19. I fully support that notification feature request as I think it is one of the major events a user should know of (keyword "streamlining work flow" - it's annoying to loose time due to not realizing the printer requests user action).
  20. You can pick PLA on the printer and increase the temperature by 5-10 degree for TPLA.
  21. Yep, looks like it should (Tough PLA). As for other readers not familiar with Breakaway: it extrudes as a thick string.
  22. @Swissengineer, I don't expect this to be a wide spread issue. However, please check your e-mail inbox to find information about how to deal with it.
  23. Connect your printer with a network cable directly to a computer. If that computer is not too old the network card should be able to act as some kind of DHCP server together with the OS so your printer should be able to obtain an IP address and most important a time stamp. That time stamp will allow the firmware update to work again properly. Don't worry for future updates; Ultimaker has skipped that check again. As for the infinite time to set up the Wifi, I had that once on my UM3. Factory reset did not fix it so I had to recover the firmware. You can find instructions here:
  24. Und Du bekommst das gelbe Ausrufezeichen in den Einstellungen mit dem Hinweis, es sei eine neue Version verfügbar?
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