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  1. UM2 PTFE fit in stainless steel part

    Thanks for the info and the hint. I will take care and give them a try. Before re-machining (cheap chinese had inner diameter of 2.8mm) they were very tight so that they were moving with the steel part when screwing it in or out. Now, due to the ER Collets, they were squeezed a bit (had to re-drill the inner diameter) and they sit more on the loose side. Unfortunately I need the springs to realize my dual setup idea. I will give them a try and when POC done, order original ones from UM...
  2. Hi guys, currently I'm in a project to update my beloved UMO with a (chinese) UM2 head. Decided to go this cheaper way as it is just a proof of concept for a dual nozzle setup with some specialities... :-) Dont want to machine and play around on original parts in several iterations and destroy money... So here's the question: How tight should the PTFE part fit in the stainless steel part? A bit loose so it turns freely or tight so it cant....? Any hints appreciated... Thanks!
  3. ok, I´ll give it a try with my settings, but I assume, you already found the issue. regarding unconnected strings at angles: I have the same issue on some parts. For me it seems that 0.2mm layer hight is a bit too much for safe bonding - at least for my current UMO setup. there is too less surface the new layer can be bond to - but this is just my opinion... At the end, for me it made no difference at the ready printed part. Gued them together and hopfully maiden it soon.
  4. Tree Support Issues

    Thanks for clarification - had the same issue but thought it is still "highly experimental" ;-)
  5. Suggestion: could you provide the file of one section which makes issues to me? I´ll give it a try with my settings and of course share them to you... What do you think about it?
  6. Hi! I recently printed the Edge540. Things I leaned so far: There is no Support needed so please be sure that "support" is disabled. Also, you do not need any Infill... Those parts are thin/single-wall-prints There are print profiles provided from 3dlabprint (but for older Cura), which need to be imported in Cura. They bring all the relevant settings so you just have to modify filament diameter and nozzle diameter. Please also crosscheck the line witdh you selected and compare it to the nozzle diameter - could also be a root cause. Further, I learned that if I place more than one section the same time, the internal structure of them is likely not recognized correctly. And finally, as Didier mentioned, please share some screen shots :-)
  7. Cura is SO poor at arranging object

    Yea, nesting is a bit of caveat... Devs could look into it... would be worth...
  8. UMO Running Marlin 1.1.x

    Thanks for sharing your experience. The advanced pause feature also not worked at my trial. I did a custom implementation of the a.m. abort behavior but my marlin version where I did it is back from 2014... I gave your github issue a + so I get informed if any information / answer comes up...
  9. UMO Running Marlin 1.1.x

    Thanks for feedback! Will give it another try during Christmas Holidays. I'm highly interested in the following functions: ADVANCED_PAUSE_FEATURE MENU_ADDAUTOSTART SDCARD_SORT_ALPHA SPINDLE_LASER_ENABLE CUSTOM_USER_MENUS The only thing which is still missing is the propper implementation of a "abort behavior" e.g. moveto pause position, cooldown heaters and disable steppers... If I have findings, I´ll post...
  10. Ultimaker Forum | How does it work

    Yes, changing the settings made it for me...
  11. Ultimaker Forum | How does it work

    I also changed this setting... Other topic - in the old forum, there was a bookmark option which I used quite a lot to collect highly interesting/important topics e.g. the SSS installation.... Bookmarks are now gone - correct? so is there any function similar to it or just the follow function?
  12. Ultimaker Forum | How does it work

    Nice! need to take a deeper look, but the first impression is great :-)
  13. UMO Running Marlin 1.1.x

    I gave 1.1.3 a try some time ago but had no luck to get in running as I expected (assume, I had the wrong expectation). So still back on my old "private" version From my view, you have considered all relevant stuff, but pls. keep us informed about your experience...
  14. Cura 3.1.0. Crashing

    ok... 5 min ago installed and have the same issue - on my desktop pc as well on my office notebook. It shows the splash screen and then disappears/crashes when writing setting up scene" ==EDIT:== ... SORRY, forget it... @Crow, There is a NOTE at the official release info (https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52266-whats-new-in-ultimaker-cura-31) adressing this issue: Upgrading from Ultimaker Cura 3.1 beta to Ultimaker Cura 3.1 stable may require manual removal of the user config file (located in the Ultimaker Cura 3.1 subdirectory). This fixes an issue with a wrong profile being generated and not being overwritten.
  15. Ultimaker Cura 3.1 | Beta

    Thanks, what type of printers do you have installed? Another person also reported this: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/2837 Same happens at me... Workaround (del cfg) is ok for a beta test, but bug need for sure to be killed for final :-)

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