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  1. drayson

    unschöne Filamentspuren

    👍 @Dim3nsioneer, kannst du da was dazu sagen?
  2. drayson

    Avoiding printed parts - dual color

    Having the same issue and I have also no solution up to now... Z-hop is a first shot in addition to combing, but my impression is that combing or "stay inside a part" is also not working propperly. 😞
  3. drayson

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.5)

    as far as I remember, with 3.4.0 it was not an issue (working a lot with SW and print currently), but unfortunately have uninstalled it recently. Anyone else to assist??
  4. drayson

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.5)

    hmm... strange things happens... installed the latest 3.4.1. and 0.5.5 plugin, the name of the exported files got back to "unknown" @thopiekar, could you assist? thought this issue has been already adressed... anyway - here's the issue report 🙂
  5. drayson

    Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

    what a sad day... R.I.P. ...
  6. drayson

    Why not (Fast) Honeycomb?

    I would like to have honey comb too, but for design reasons - but that's another story... 🙂
  7. drayson

    Repair option

    ... but needs an account at MakePrintable - and is not free as far as I know, but pls. correct me if I‘m wrong...
  8. drayson

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Beta

    Thanks for the hint, but for me "python" is a big snake willing to choke me out if I'm to close... So frankly, no idea, as I'm not a SW guy... Maybe in a future release, some kind of selection for cloud or local and a path selection could be implemented too...
  9. drayson

    Washing Machine resistant filament?

    or just buy black ones - fit to everything - from suits to dirty feet :-()
  10. drayson

    Output Settings to HTML Plugin

    Thanks for sharing!! Just minor a suggestion: could you paste the description you put on github also directly into the plugin.json? it might be easier to find the way if also in cura's toolbox this extended info is visible 🙂
  11. drayson

    E3D @ UMO

    Sorry @ataraxis, havent seen all the postst in here - got no notification... Hope everthing worked out as expected 🙂
  12. drayson

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Beta

    Is there a way to set/change the backup to a local folder - e.g. my NAS system? Don´t want to use the cloud when having something in place - just another registration/login/password to forget...
  13. drayson

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Beta

    ... found it after a while seaching... Question: would it be possible to make a debug plugin for printer setups? so something that checks machine definitions, extruder definitions, nozzle cfg and shows issues? PS: sorry, don't want to abuse this thread... back to testing 3.4....
  14. drayson

    Washing Machine resistant filament?

    hmmm.... I just put them in a cloth mesh to prevent them from escaping 🙂 Good idea nico, but I had the experience that those sock clips wear off the area theyre mounted to over the time (and usually it is nearly the same place) Regarding material: I have a roll of vulcano filament which can be heat threated that should work with thumble dryer too...
  15. drayson

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    Just as an Idea... I usually put some info on gcodes I'd like to save for later reuse directky in the gcode file - as notes. a bit annoying as it is time consuming, but relatively save when there is a ned for reprinting something. Maybe there could be an additional text box for "further print information" which will directly written in the generated gcode...

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