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  1. Hi! that shouldnt be a problem. I already disassambled both cores and from your design, it seems that part 5 and 24 might be similar. I have UM2 head parts laying around too. Tried a lot but not found an suitable design up to now. I'm especially interested in your parts 7, 8, 25, 26 of the above shown assembly. I work with SolidWorks, so if possible and you're willing, it would be great if you could share the design e.g. as iges... b.r. chris aka drayson
  2. I'm mechanical engineer too so that's the reason I'd like to make most things "hardware" 🙂 I have two UM3 cores with Olsson blocks laying around which I want to use for redesign the Ultimaker Original head, but there is just limited progress. In my design I thought of lifting the unused nozzle just by 0,5mm via a simple camway made of brass and with very small pitch to reduce friction. Unfortunately I have no access to a CNC mill so all parts are designed for conventional milling or handmade. Your implementation is a way better... Which design SW have you used?
  3. Whow - great design! would be interested in more detailes as I plan (ok, since more than a year) to upgrade my dual UMO to something more reliable... Are you willing to share the design? Greetings from Austria!
  4. some time ago, I also thought about something like this as I went out of filament just a few layers too early... After a breif research, I found this design based on a load cell and a few electronics https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3054853 and a few other designs, which should be able to implement. BUT - its not a simple solution... On the other hand, there is something possible to use like a meter like this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3945870 to count the consumed filament. Nevertheless, if you find a nice solution, keep us u
  5. kene das Problem von meinem UMO... Es gibt ein paar interessante Ansätze mit einer Wägezelle und separatem Arduino bzw. auch was mit Oktoprint-Plugin... Ich bin aber wieder davon abgekommen weil zumindest bei mir sich Sichtkontrolle als ausreichend gezeigt hat... schau mal hier: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3037926
  6. Great work! Just for interest (and as I plan to do something similar on my UMO) - where have you changed the docking position - in Cura or Marlin? Currently I have also issues to understand, how the z-switch/hight modification is done, but I guess thats another story... Any hints appreciated... 🙂
  7. I that should be possible via implementing a few lines of "sound" into the cura end code... Did this also form my UMO... Look here: http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M300.html basically you can use every monotone ringtone in RTTTL format and this converter... [ddrboxman.github.io] or check if there are some available e.g. here... http://www.picaxe.com/RTTTL-Ringtones-for-Tune-Command/
  8. Hi! I gave it a try Tuesday afternonn but as I was in a hurry I have not checked in detail what happened - just re-installed 5.6 as 6.0 crashed cura when trying to open a SLPRT file... sorry for no more details, will try to find time this weekend and check the log file.
  9. upgrade it to a real "nesting" functionality would be great - similar to e.g. laser cut SW...
  10. Sorry, forgot to quote - not as easy on a smartphone ? This behavior reported by kmanstudios
  11. can confirm - same at my installation(s)
  12. can confirm - same at my installation(s)
  13. The adapted plugin is currently on the way to the gus at Ultimaker to check and distribute it. I assume, it will be in hte toolbox as soon as it is approved by them.
  14. @thopiekar, a BIG thank you for your patience and time providing this plugin! It's a pleasure to assist...
  15. @ahoeben, Cura devs, Seems that I experienced a (at least at my machines) reproducable crash when opening already slices/stored gcode files with 3.5 Already checked the log-file but there seems no anormalies/errors listed. Any hint?
  16. @thopiekar is working on it, but it might take some time...
  17. Is a huge rework or just a minor mod required to make them work again? Just as a hint how long it might take to have them available again... ?
  18. Hi Thomas, never mind - hope it is a bit time for fun even at this long days. if it´s ok for you, I´m happy to act as a crash test bunny ? Just attach it to a PM, should work finde... b.r. chris
  19. Hi! any news on the update? As I´m in a bigger design project right now, it gets a bit annoying to have the names not propperly managed... b.r. chris
  20. Quite simple... download the ShowLayer.py file and safe it into ...\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.4\scripts start cura, open an STL, go to "Extensions" => "Post Processing" => "Modify G-Code" and then use the "Add a script" button to select the "Show Layer" postprocessor When slicing something, it automatically adds M117 lines with the corresponding layer number into your script. but I guess there is a much better description/tutorial how to use postprocessors available in this forum ?
  21. There is a postprocessor available which writes Layer Numbers into the G-Code file and displays them via M117. Maybe usefull for your application / UM3 too... https://github.com/AmedeeBulle/ShowLayer/blob/master/scripts/ShowLayer.py
  22. ? @Dim3nsioneer, kannst du da was dazu sagen?
  23. Having the same issue and I have also no solution up to now... Z-hop is a first shot in addition to combing, but my impression is that combing or "stay inside a part" is also not working propperly. ?
  24. as far as I remember, with 3.4.0 it was not an issue (working a lot with SW and print currently), but unfortunately have uninstalled it recently. Anyone else to assist??
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