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  1. UPDATE: Printing at 0.25 layer with default speed setting on PLA with Cura & I am seeing LOADS & I mean lots like 2 times a second of major slipping. EDIT: Anyway to increase current to extruder in the firmware ?? I would like to try it.
  2. Okay I just tried it & I updated the firmware. it seems that you need to press "Factory Reset" for the changes to take effect. Will update later on how things go. P.S: You really need to bring the Print button back, better than going to File > Print or hitting CTRL+P. Also when your in the print window the Temps for the extruder & heatbed don't get updated, so I have to look at the graph instead of reading it on the left.
  3. I decided to replace the ABS with Blue PLA again, & this will always cause an error cause it tries to reach 280c before it retracts the material & triggers the 265c limit sensor & causes an error where you need to restart the UM2. What you need to do is choose PLA after a restart and than change the customize setting to 260c temp choose okay than goto "Change Material". I know its a Firmware bug, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. Anyway I wanted to show the slipping even when not printing, this is when you wait for the material change where it says " Wait till material com
  4. My New Ultimaker 2 (replacement ) has arrived today (Thank you Sander,that was quick). So I decided to waste no time & get it tested to see how it fares against my 1st one that had many issues & I already wrote about it & you can read it by clicking on this http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3233-ultimaker-2-major-problems/ The first thing I realized when I opened the package was that the glass bed was moved but thankfully nothing broken. My advice is to use that blue tape to take the glass to the heated bed, or separate the glass & warp it & tape it to the
  5. That's the same issue I was having with my UM2, even at 0.15 layer, but yours has tension set at maximum, try 1st at lowest.
  6. I didn't check the format either, maybe formatting under windows with different file systems might help.
  7. Funny I printed lots and never got SD card error.
  8. Dhaid, at 500C the fans will melt, the frame would expand & the whole room would feel like a volcano erupted, lol
  9. Before I pack the printer I decided to print with some ABS & see how it goes, well after a little messing around & not having much luck getting it the way It should, I decided to use the Awesome feature of changing material built in the printer to retract the ABS material so I can pack it, well its kept crashing with TEMP ERROR, simply because the default temp for ABS is set @280C or at least that's what I am assuming. So word of advice if you guys what to use your Ultimaker 2 for ABS, please be prepared for this.. You listening Dhaid !?? so much for "Change Material" feature
  10. Sander: Can I take you on that offer ? please send someone to pick this printer & replace it for me, also I would really appreciate it if you can actually test the one you are going to send vigorously or maybe ship me the older version Ultimaker 1 better & refund me the rest please. I'm don't here.
  11. Yes gr5, thank you. Temp raised to 240c also first 3 layers fan is off. lets see now at 0.2 layer height & 240c if I can speed it up once the first 2 layers are done, cause its too slow.
  12. Printing fine now at 0.2 (aka no slipping) but its painfully slow, only now I appreciate the Ultimaker 1.
  13. Dhaid please watch your attitude, I am the one having issues & if you don't have anything useful to say than just don't say anything. illuminarti I keep getting delivery failed, tried twice now, Rared files.. Recipient address: @fbrc8.com'>code@fbrc8.com Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address Diagnostic code: smtp;550 5.7.1 <@fbrc8.com'>code@fbrc8.com>: Relay access denied. Remote system: dns;mx1.emailsrvr.com (mx1.emailsrvr.com ESMTP - VA Code Section 18.2-152.3:1 forbids sending spam through this system)
  14. okay I just mailed the new gcode the one with 0.2 layer since the older I deleted already, maybe you can check that while I try printing from SD card ?!? Thanx
  15. NO NO gr5, sorry I didn't mean to sound mad at you or anyone else, really I am sorry & I am not mad at all, just frustrated a bit Okay so printed the full TX & its printed really bad (I mean quality) I will add picture. now I am saving a gcode for another one but this time at default Cura settings but only0.2 layer height, will report back
  16. PLA @ 220C & printer speed is 50mm in cura & again its NOT printing 0.30 layer height.
  17. gr5, Its already printing really slow & 100% & I am printing at 220c, my older UM could do that at 300% easy, this one cant even run at default speed & its not printing at 0.30 layer height cause it somehow didn't save these settings as I mentioned in my previous post. This printer is FLAWED
  18. Okay, now that the printer is at layer 5 in the print, it is started slipping again, this time its running directly from SD card & not connected with PC. so defiantly not a Cura related only issue. Anyway to give more current to the extruder, I know this used to fix such issues with my Reprap printer !!!?Hope there is a way.
  19. illuminarti, I agree, I am printing with .30 layer height & the rest is default. Another question is, if gcode saves all settings from Cura & ignores printer settings than shouldn't I get the same slipping when printing a file I saved ?!?
  20. Thank you Robert, Never had any issues either on the older version or my Reprap one I built. usually this slipping issue could be fixed by turning the nob for the extruder driver on the Reprap printer to give it a little more current. Also I just saved the gcode & it prints fine from the printer, but its printing at higher resolution that what I set in Cura. Shouldn't Cura save these layer settings etc to my gcode ?? P.S: Its a bit of a hassle to save to memory card since my computer doesn't have a card slot & have to save to USB than to laptop than to CARD. maybe if you guys want u
  21. No offense Dhaid, but what are you trying to say ?! That unlike other printers I shouldn't use any software while printing or tweak things but rather print from the printer directly ?! I am not sure it makes sense !!
  22. Video attached: http://s1206.photobucket.com/user/naser404/media/A3F74906-4D8F-46C0-8549-37C0FC926D22-855-000000A282B7F479_zpsfb20fdea.mp4.html?sort=3&o=4
  23. Put the Bowden box back together but still same issue, leading me to think I need more power to the stepper motor, how can we do that !? Another option very much needed in Cura not on the Ultimaker is to extrude fast & like 20cm or so, that's handy when you replace the filament or do maintenance, the older version Ultimaker didn't require that since at the Bowden tube you could release the lever & push the tube, until it reaches the extruder. with this one you cant & have to painfully click extrude button like a 100 times in Cura. Sander: I am not sure what parts are required to
  24. Retraction issue: Okay so its not the retraction but rather extrusion, so if for example I click the extrude bottom in Cura 3 or 4 times quickly to extrude say 30-40mm material than I keep hearing that sound & I can see that it somehow might have an issue extracting that much material or something, not sure how to fix that yet, but its defiantly extrusion problem. EDIT: Seems that its slipping, there is a set screw at the back for tension & if I set it to loose it slips all the time & if I set it to highest tension is better but still slips if I extrude quickly. seems like two t
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