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  1. gr5, I checked that settings is enabled by default in Cura but still having that problem. Okay here is another problem that I need help with cause I don't know what exactly is causing it. It is related to the head parking location (0,0) x,y Whenever a print is done or I hit Home button in cura for (x,y) than there is weird noise which indicates that the stepper motor is still doing some kind of work, to get that noise to stop I have to hit -1mm in Cura for the y direction.
  2. Cor3ys, Sander did offer to replace it but unfortunately that is another problem since I have to hand this one & wait a couple of days until I get the new one & I really don't have the time to wait, I have been waiting for a month since I ordered only to find that the printer ships on the 24th after I laced the order on the 1st, but I decided to stick with them. I did open a ticket but I never got a reply yet, only here on the forum.
  3. Not happy, really, I placed an order for Makerbot 2, since I needed two machine to work in parallel & that was my 1st choice but went with the Ultimaker 2. I have already the older Ultimaker & now this, so its time to compare in real world tests. will provide updates as I go along, since I'm a little ticked off right now to work on the printer, hopefully another day 7 another better luck :-P
  4. Some more updates, fans don't work after wire fix, have to check the connection to the PCB board. Another issue now is with Cura, retracting every second, too much retraction that it eventually stripped the filament & stopped extruding, have to save to stl 7 print directly from the printer to see if that is a Cura issue since I don't have retraction enabled. :sad: :sad: :roll: :roll:
  5. Its not really DHL as the machine didn't show any signs of bad handling, its defiantly the bad packing from the inside & this has to be unfortunately directed at Ultimaker, the Glass bed was completely loose & I'm glad it wasn't broken. Here is some more small issues that are really starting to get to me. one of the fan Cables is loose "Again". hope I don't face any other issue one this is fixed as I really waited long for this printer was looking forward to printing my new Transmitter design for my DJI S800 Evo.
  6. Sure I can, which photo are we talking about ?! The frame in the last pictures ? These are the cuts for filament holder.
  7. I have to agree, the new Cura leaves everything else in It's dust and should have been bumped to 14.xxx.
  8. The temp setting can be changed under Customize, it's the same menu where you choose ABS and PLA, just scroll down, but before you customize you need to select ABS than go back to the menu & choose customize or you will change the PLA setting. And yes the default setting is too high for both in my opinion, ABS set @ 280c and I think PLA is 240c. 210-220 is more than enough for PLA.
  9. I think I actually got a lemon, my bad luck, I know for a fact not all printers are coming out like that but never the less I wish someone had checked & made a better job at packing especially for us international users. some more photos messing around with the printer a little & it seems both fans on the extruder side don't work at all. Again I have to dig into the printer & electronics to find out why & provide updates here.
  10. Thank you Sander for offering to send a new printer. Really happy I went with Ultimaker, this goes to show the kind of support you get when you buy an Ultimaker.
  11. Another small issue, while the printer heats for the 1st time to load filament, it keeps heating & the extruder starts smooking a lot, so I look & it seems that the temp sensor is falling out of place from the back side. nothing that cant be fixed but still, this is getting annoying.
  12. The problem is fixed now after I removed the bottom cover that made that short. now the bed moves up & down & no more gridding sound. I also leveled the bed & passed step 4 but I still need these aluminum glass holders as paper clips are too thick & would hit the extruder. Lets just hope they do send them. P.S: Did they print that sample before or after fixing the cover ?
  13. Here are some pictures, also I decided to open the bottom cover, and guess what, it seems the cover pressed against the stepper motor wires & short them, see for your self. Very unhappy after all this headache of waiting for this printer. Quality control !! quick job in assembly to rush them out the door ?? round screw head ? not flat ? short circuit (The movie)
  14. I just received my Ultimaker 2 but on 1st inspections I realized that the glass bed has fell off during shipping, also the clips holding the glass bed was either bent or damaged, the other small problem was the use of rounded head screw instead of the flat head which of course made the glass bed not sit flush on one side. Again these are minor issues that I can fix & I already sent Nikki an email for some spare parts but the major issue I am having is this. When you start the U2 for the 1st time it needs to level the bed, unfortunately when I reach step 4/21 it freezes and wont allow m
  15. yes but apple stats the shipping date on their webpage & at their keynote.
  16. Unfortunately I already placed an order for the UM2 4 days ago. had I known that shipping starts on October 21st & will need two weeks from that date I would have opted for the makerbot as I am in a hurry. they really need to mention that up front.
  17. Oh man, why didn't they mention that when we made the order?!?! I two placed an order for the Ultimaker 2 a couple of days ago and was wondering why it's taking time to ship.
  18. Here is an old PSU used in these Shuttle computers, this one is 3 years old and only rated at 300W with 14A at the 12V+1. I had to remove all the cables as I wont use them & wired Pin 14 to GND to auto start for now. It worked out really well, I don't have a temperature reading yet but in 3 minutes It got close to 80C I would say.
  19. I agree, but in my case when I am designing a part than I have to take the measurements that work with many things & fits right & its a pain to alter these to get it to print well & than alter them again if I am sending them for CNC machining. Obviously the tweaks I am doing are only good for my printer but isn't that the whole point ? Ultimaker makes their printers to work for the general public but each one can fine tune his/her printer to work best for his/her job & that's what I am trying to do. This is a Magazine I just did that will be sent for CNC and the pellets has t
  20. Thank you gr5 & I appreciate your help & feedback but I will have to disagree with you here. Cause X/Y steps will obviously effect all X & Y and hence cylinders, squares & any other shapes & in fact I have already drawn a design in solidworks as can been seen below to check these & after measurement its much closer to the actual dimensions. I did measure all sizes for the below print but I didn't write them down.
  21. Okay, so I was designing a part in solidworks for my Steyr Hunting 5 and after measuring the actual print it seems its a bit off and I needed to correct that other wise I will have issues, so I played a bit with the X & Y steps/mm & here is what I came up with. The original part had an O.D (Outer Diameter of -27.25mm) (Inner Diameter of -7.7mm). Hope this helps some new users.
  22. Okay, got things working now, here is 0.2 vs 0.04 layer height looks very good, also attached settings incase anyone is interested.
  23. Nozzle is 0.4mm infill is 50% Top & Bottom are set same as layer size which is 0.15 for the last two cones. i do have the fan at full blast, if you guys have the time try printing that part is a small part, only the cone please. Also i don't understand why i need to increase layer time since it prints fine for the bottom part but i will give it a try, currently set @ 5 if i remember correctly.
  24. this is the cone I am trying to print if someone wants to give it a try and see if they are getting the same issue, only the cone, the rest printed fine. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17027
  25. But the original fan duct blows downs and not towards the layers laid by the extruder, so it doesn't cool them for the next layer !!?!? okay so you are correct about these vertical lines, here is a top picture view. I drew two red lines to indicate the infills. The only other problem I am still having and something tells me it might be the part itself is the sagging in these pictures. so what I did is print these cylindrical shape twice using 198C and still the issue at the top, so I went ahead & flipped the part 180 degree and printed it again & the problem is now at the bottom,
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