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  1. Sander, That's exactly why I am trying to print another fan duct, as the fan is not blowing under the hotend & therefore the extrusion doesn't cool down quickly. I still need to know what's happening with the 1st picture is it the Z-ball screw play that's causing these vertical lines ?
  2. Thanx lan, I did check all these things, my belts seems tight enough and no slipping but yes its probably too much heat on the top, but it prints fine for the bottom but than I get these issues at the top layers for some reason. I have reduced my temps to 200C for now and will see how it works out. What about the top picture with all these vertical lines ?
  3. I didn't go through the whole thread but you might want to make these fins a lot thinner to dissipate heat much better, by making them thinner than you can also add more fins. Here is something I did in solidworks, haven't finished it yet. The hotend is make out of copper, it has the highest thermal conductivity and aluminum heat spreader is best to remove the heat.
  4. Hi, okay so I got my UM ready assembled but I am having many print problems with different settings. I am not running any crazy speeds just 50mm/s. Here is the first problem printing a calibrating cube, you can notice all these vertical lines. Now here is the other printing problem I am having. seems like its too hot, I am running PLA at 230. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I just bought a new UM, assembled, and there are lots to be desired & aluminum frame is one of them there is too much vibrations with this machine especially when doing infills & that's at 50mm/s. The UM is known for its blazing speeds so try upping that speed and hold the frame & you will know what I am saying. since the stepper motors, rails etc. are all attached to the frame using screws it will eventually enlarge these holes, yes by a tiny margin but never the less it will so this is why aluminum is needed for the long run & better rigidity. Also that wooden bed is garba
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