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  1. Here is a video of me running through the design and printing of a Robotic finger using Blender . (not sure how post videos in this forum as yet (newbie) so link is below...maybe its converted to embeded on posting.....we see...) The Stl File for the finger can be found here :- http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:113283
  2. ..... it took me ages to line up the X-Y carriage ..... until i found the extra 7-notch line up tool..... It was not mentioned in the build instruction either....
  3. I had to fit mine on too - indeed an interference fit - almost to the point where i feared pressing with more force would squeek the stepper motors bearings....
  4. I would +1 that...... The ability of just being able to place your work on an SD card and plonking it into the Ulticontroller justifies it. (ie severing the usb link and not having to keep your pc running during prints)
  5. "Blender" is good start and the inbuilt 3D print (do i have possible errors) parser works a treat. Latest versions of blender are pretty bombproof and stable. Export to STL is inbuilt...works well .
  6. gareth

    Swiss Hoi

    Another one lands in Ost Switzerland. Slowely getting to grips with tweaking...and tighter prints now that the screws have bedded in :-)
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