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  1. Thanks for suggestion, but unfortunately, I am printing from SD card. But what I noticed I had connected USB cable because recently I update firmware. I disconnected USB cable and printing I would give replay after 20 hours print if succeed.
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for quick replay. I did not change anything on power or stepper motors. I only change original extruder with UM2 Extruder V2 by Geeks (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/extruder-um2-version-2). It improved under extrusion but not significant (still printing on 50mm/s). I can return original extruder, but it is strange becuase this is happen after hours of printing. I install 14.03 and made firmware upgrade. I got problem before, and last night after upgrade also. Bars are clean, I did note add machine oil, but they move without problem when it is turned off or steppers
  3. Hi to all, I recently experienced problem with UM2. It is just stop moving head after few hours of printing. According to sound steppers are under power (can't move by hand), and head just stop at one position and waiting (head is shutting temperature down after stop, what is great). There is no error and screen is showing current printing procedure. I did not have problem with printing (except under-extrusion)for few months, but in last few days this happen three times on print jobs which last for many hours. Also, what I noticed it happens also in last few days, that when I give print job
  4. Hi to all, You are all welcome to 1st 3D printing open days in Zagreb, Croatia, small event at Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, 14th and 15th November 2013. More in poster (in Croatian). For more information please contact info@fablab.hr. Best regards, Roberto
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