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  1. hi Ian

    i really like the idea behind this post and what you are doing for the forum in general :)

    I didnt make a completely new design for Christmas but was asked to print a model i did a few months ago for a few friends of mine to give their little nephews (one in Munich, the other oen in St. Pölten)

    so here i present to you the "Glow in the Dark T Rex Finger Puppet"




    the mouth, head and legs are moveable and it stands ca. 7 cm tall.


    merry christmas




  2. hi there

    i used to print a lot with laywood (from orbi-tech, on an U1) but stopped because i was geting more and more clogs.

    then i got a drill and made myself a 0.8 nozzle, but unfortunately it still got clogged :(

    right now i am a little bit frustrated and haven't done anymore testing, but i assume it might have something todo with print speed and temperature.

    good luck, having a 0.8 nozzle is awesome anyways, as it really speeds up bigger prints :)


  3. Hi gr5

    I used normal filler spray for cars, tamiya putty (thx to OliverC), moltofill (its a wood filler, i think thats similar to Bondo) and superglue with activator spray to glue it all together.

    The green metallic color is original car finish mixed to match a specified color, the black is normal Spraypaint used for architectural model making.

  4. hi

    i think they all come from the same source, i ordered mine from orbitech.

    i found my error, it was aparently a mixture of my own stupidity (i dried the PLA in the oven to make it less flexible, please dont ask me why) am partially clogged nozzle (because of the overdried PLA) and trouble with my bowden tube.

    I fixed all of these mistakes and used new und undried PLA (it took me roughly 3 hours to figure all this out, cleaned my nozzle 3 times) and now i am printing again with up to 80 mms and a temperature of 205 and i looks gorgeous

    i will post the results soon


  5. Laywood is a pain in the ass and i am still not sure how it really works :-P .

    I dont know how many times i cleaned my nozzle for this figure (i guess 2 or 3 times, at least i got faster with it but broke one nozzle in the process).

    i originally i also wanted to print the arms in laywood but switched to normal PLA because of all the problems.

    The settings that used to work were a speed between 35 and 40 mm/s and a temperature of 200 max.

    I dont know where the problems came from but i have a project next week that needs to be printed in laywood, so one way or the other i will be forced to find a solution :mrgreen:

    this is the best print i did in laywood so far, its 10 cm high.


    i will keep you posted about my progress



  6. thx, yes the body is laywood the underpants are orbitech PLA90 and the forearms/hands are made from the rests of my very first PLA that came with my ultimaker kit (not the orage one, thats from faberdashery) so its like a best of PLA model (its missing some colofab of course ;)


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