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  1. I am going to try this asap as well. Do you think applying the glue with a roller would fix the uneven spreading? Super psyched about this!
  2. Thanks a lot for the printing tips! I had some issues with stringing and melting layer issues with the 2kg pearl white filament I ordered. I have to say your speed of delivery is amazing! I ordered my filament (a boatload I might add) Wednesday, Friday morning it was all here .
  3. Yes I can concur that htis helps greatly. I bought a bottle of denaturalized alcohol and clean the tape before printing. It almost sticks too good now .
  4. I had a lot of problems with the Extruder Drive. I had the feeling it did not press into the PLA hard enough to get enough 'grip' and a lot of prints were lost. I fixed it by sanding out the U shaped part were the spring pushes into. I sanded the bottom of the U to give it a bit more range. I also sanded the parts of the black plastic part that pushes into the wooden part of the extruder part. This way the little wheel that pushes into the PLA has way more drive so it gives you way more range in tensioning the spring. If I can press in the wheel with a force of 15kg I get no failed prints anymore. Too hard and it will jam, too light and it won't push any PLA through. Hope that helped!
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