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  1. I am having the same problem as a number of others. I updated Cura and Marlin and with the correct software now have a 'Timeout' problem when trying to update the custom firmware needed to use my DIY heated bed upgrade. It uploads the default firmware just fine but I can't control the printer at all (or more precisely, I can use the Ulticontroller temporarily and then a switch clicks or noise changes after 1 second and I can't use the Ulticontroller any more). Are there any fixes out there for the Arduino illiterate? Or if someone can walk me through a detailed process of what programs/files I need to download in order to fix the Arduino, I would give that a shot. Thanks in advance for your help! -Daniel
  2. Has anyone had any issues with borosilicate glass breaking or failing? I just installed Jason's heated bed hit (works great by the way) but orded some glass from somewhere else ( Has anyone had something like this happen? Do I need to put anything on top of the glass before I print (like PVA or a glue stick?) or should I be able to print directly on the glass? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I guess I should order some glass from Jason this time... -Daniel
  3. I am a relatively new user but interested in expanding the use of Ultimakers within a business either as prototyping or small scale production. Some things that would help make that possible include. Printer Automated Bed Leveling - I would like to be able to finish a print, swap out build platforms, and start the next build without having to re-level or re-calibrate the z-stop Filament Moisture Control - maybe a simple, airtight enclosure that is filled with a desiccant or a simplified dehydrator. Belt Tension Tool - right now this is done by strumming the belt and trying to replicate a sound in your video. I don't know how precise the belt tension needs to be, but some way to generate a number (data) on your belt tension as opposed to a sound might reduce a source of error. Also, the short belts are hard to tension - no reference for how tight they should be. Software Faster In-fill Options - thicker inner layers (already mentioned multiple times). This is how the metal AM machines currently work and it can dramatically speed up print time. More Accurate Time Prediction - currently the time prediction when using expert settings is very far off. Service Troubleshooting Prints - it would be nice to upload a picture of a part and the corresponding settings in Cura and get some feedback on how to improve the print quality (i.e., what settings to change or what mechanical items to check). Currently this is done but uploading to the forum and maybe some of those key contributors could help analyze prints in a more formal way. Looking forward to the heated print bed when available and I appreciate the outreach for feedback. Thanks!! -Daniel
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