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  1. I am having the same problem as a number of others. I updated Cura and Marlin and with the correct software now have a 'Timeout' problem when trying to update the custom firmware needed to use my DIY heated bed upgrade. It uploads the default firmware just fine but I can't control the printer at all (or more precisely, I can use the Ulticontroller temporarily and then a switch clicks or noise changes after 1 second and I can't use the Ulticontroller any more). Are there any fixes out there for the Arduino illiterate? Or if someone can walk me through a detailed process of what programs/fil
  2. Has anyone had any issues with borosilicate glass breaking or failing? I just installed Jason's heated bed hit (works great by the way) but orded some glass from somewhere else ( Has anyone had something like this happen? Do I need to put anything on top of the glass before I print (like PVA or a glue stick?) or should I be able to print directly on the glass? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I guess I should order some glass from Jason this time... -Daniel
  3. I am a relatively new user but interested in expanding the use of Ultimakers within a business either as prototyping or small scale production. Some things that would help make that possible include. Printer Automated Bed Leveling - I would like to be able to finish a print, swap out build platforms, and start the next build without having to re-level or re-calibrate the z-stop Filament Moisture Control - maybe a simple, airtight enclosure that is filled with a desiccant or a simplified dehydrator. Belt Tension Tool - right now this is done by strumming the belt and trying to replicate
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