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  1. It's not a problem in SketchUp. We would have seen it on your layers view. Could you post a screenshot of the Ultimaker configuration? What exact material did you used? (to check the temperature, not for the "stopping" problem) No special noise from the belts? Are the screws on the belts wheels correctly screwed?
  2. Did you work with SketchUp? the problem may come from the incorect orientation of some faces. Select, rigth clic, "reverse faces" and export again. I agree with gr5 for the check in the Cura layers view
  3. Et bien, problème résolu... les pattes de de connexion du ventilateur étaient "oxydées". J'ai nettoyé, et c'est reparti
  4. Hello, I have the same problem since I install a new board (sent by Ultimaker for a sensor problem). The fan and its wire are OK. No problem detected at the visual inspection. Coold you explain me how to turn on the fan without printing anything? I don't find it on the printer menu. Thanks Etienne
  5. Bonjour, Comment fait-on pour démarrer le ventilateur en utilisant ces deux moyens? Merci d'avance
  6. Thanks a lot for your answer, I'm not a master in electronic, but I think my test of the contacts was correct You'll find an image here : https://plus.google.com/photos/101310739335335485101/albums/5924121851933915137?authkey=CM_Mmv_q673X7wE The sensor is correct, for the electrical and the mechanical points of view...
  7. I did several tests, forcing (horrible noise) at each start. The printers works perfectly, excepting this problem... So the probleme could have existed for the "test print" sent with the printer. As I will have soon to use this printer for workshops in the museum, I would like to find a solution (And I think the motor wont't like this situation for a long time...). Does the Ultimaker team has something to suggest?
  8. All my tests where made via USB. I only tried to eject the SD card, and put it in again... No change this morning. I tried to plug an other switch on the Y front input. No change.
  9. Thanks for all your answers. I'm working in a sciences museum (The Pass, in Belgium), and the ultimaker was chosen built, because I haven't a lot of time to build it my self (I would have love that ) So the Utimaker arrived without damage on the box, and with a test print done... I think the problem came from the upgrading I asked during the first use wizard operation. ( as said LePaul). I'm sure of : - the input (according to the name "printed" on the wood... I also tested all the other switches during the wizard test... nothing reacts) - the electrical fonction of the switch (tested with its cables) - the cables are safe (as i said, the printer was completed) - the connection is OK (I disconnected/reconnected several times...) - I don't think pullup resistor could be missing on your PCB (as i said, the printer was completed, and a print test was realized before shipping) -the limit switch can be touched by the block (but even if I touch it with my finger, there's no recognition during the wizard test... I think the input on the PCB is not damaged Because, I said earlier, if I try to start the wizard with a contact on the Y front touch sensor's, the program asks me to be sure there's no contact a the beginning of the test :roll: (I never print with the Utimaker, only did the test until the limit sensor test for the wizard...) My only test of print was for test the idea of SandervG, printing without finishing the wizard, but the printer forced during the movement for the starting position, so I had to put off the printer) Can I find somewhere an older version of Marlin, to see if the problem could come from the upgrade? Is it possible to delete the memory (even if I think it's done when I ask an upgrade, during the wizard...) I also looked into the Cura posts, but saw no problem like mine... I'll try again tomorrow...
  10. Nop... No change since yesterday... But... I'm sure the "y front sensor" is ok, because if I start the checkup with a contact on it, a message appears "be sure there is no contact with the sensors", and when I release the sensor, the checkup begin... But when the computer ask "please press the front Y endstop", it doesn't feels it anymore. Any idea?
  11. I started a print, but this sensor seems to be usefull for the starting position of the printer. So I had to switch off the printer when it was forcing on the belt :( I also tried to upgrade the firmware with the wizard, but no result. May I try an other sotware ?
  12. Hello, we just got our Ultimaker (assembled), but one sensor end racing presents a problem. Using the Cura configuration wizard, the Y endstop sensor is not found. I tested the sensor and these cables with a multimeter : no worries. The sensors are plugged in the good inputs... Any idea? Thank you for your answers ...
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