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  1. As the Topic says- my Flow Thermostat plugin doesn´t seem to work. I added it to "Enabled plugins" but the temperature doesnt change and some prints start to ooze at small areas. What am I doing wrong? Some data: Print Speed 50 mm/s Cooling fan: enabled Layer: 0.1mm Regards!
  2. Thanks for your fast reply! What do you mean with "save them togehter in one STL"? I work with Blender- I´m only able to make a boolean operation, so that the two parts become one. I want to print a fuselage with a solid block in it, so that I can screw the wings on it. I hope this helps! Regards!
  3. Hello! I´d like to print a shell with a solid body in it. That means I have to print with a 0% filling, but for the solid part in it I need a 100% filling.. How can I do this?
  4. Hallo! Ich habe mir das FLOW THERMOSTAT Plugin installiert- aber irgendwie kann ich keine Temperaturunterschiede beim Drucken erkennen. Im Gegenteil; dünne Drucke werden immernoch klumpig, weil der Druckkopf zu lange an einer Stelle sitzt. Ich habe auch das Plugin in die "Enabled Plugins" Zeile geschoben, aber das scheint nichts zu bringen.. Kann mir jemand sagen, woran das liegt? Grüße
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