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  1. Hi Jaime, this is a nice plugin (and a pity the information is not produced on the screen like it used to be) but can you also make a plugin (or change this one) that shows the cm3, the weight in grams, not in Kg and leave out the cost? I use this info on a print screen to show my customers the object, slicing parameters, weight and printing time. If you could put printing time, weight in grams and cm3 into a single well readable screen (or put it in the corner of the normal screen) that would be awesome! Maybe with a choice to put in the cost as well (like before) so you can have only one plugin? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Guy
  2. Hi David, I can download and install that version perfectly OK! Thanks!! Kind regards, Guy
  3. Hi David, Happy New Year and thanks for the quick response! 14.09 is just fine and comes up with the window to install it. I tried the same for 14.12 again but unfortunately with the same result. Kind regards, Guy
  4. I get this error message trying to install Cura 14.12.1 after downloading it from the Ultimaker site. I tried it on two different Macs running Maverick and Yosemite. Any ideas?? Kind regards, Guy
  5. Hi Daid, In the file current_profile.ini in the section [alterations] is a variable called switchextruder.gcode. Can this be used to alter the gcode used to change extruders? On a Wanhao Duplicator4 for instance the gcode used to change extruder is "M108 T{extruder}". If that's not the case, is there another way to achieve this? (besides manually changing it in the output file) This is the only thing that keeps me from using Cura to slice objects for dual extrusion on that printer. I still need to convert the gcode to x3g format anyway though. Thanks in advance! Guy geode in the topic should be gcode !
  6. Hi David, thanks for the very quick answer and solution!! Problem solved!! Thanks a bundle, Guy
  7. All of a sudden the details don't show anymore. See screenshot. I think it happened after I installed all the plugins and Cura found a problem in one of them. I removed the plugins from the directory and this didn't make a difference. I upgraded Cura to 14.01 but that didn't make a difference either. How can this be solved? Thanks!
  8. Hi Fabrice, my French is not that good but as I understand it you would like some advice on how to set te Doodle3D up for use with an UM2, correct? I have very little time right now but when I get to it I will post the start and end codes that I am going to use. Kind regards, Guy
  9. Thanks for the tip Robert! Any suggestions for a 3D package that can turn (existing)2D into 3D with a smooth top?
  10. I just removed the excess top layers and it printed OK on the UM2! Thanks for the tip! The only thing is that it doesn't print the top layer(s) as it would normally do on a print. It would also be even worse when you would print with an infill instead of 100%. So I still think the better option would be to be able to leave off some layers at the top by means of a setting like with the bottom before Cura produces the gcode; would that be possible Daid? That way you are also sure that you don't mix something up in the gcode by fiddling about with it ;-) ! Thanks very much for your support!
  11. I upgraded the firmware on the Doodle3D to 0.9.11 which has exactly your code in it. On the UM2 however you don't see the message on the screen and you can't tune the print. Also the printhead starts from the left back corner which is very unhandy because you would like to remove the excess filament just before it starts printing like when you print from the SD card when the head starts from the left front position. It would also be very nice to be able to use the settings on the UM2 because I sometimes print PLA and sometimes ABS. Can that be arranged when you set the temps to 0 maybe?
  12. Thanks for your help illuminarti, I will definitely try that tomorrow.
  13. Hi gr5, thanks for your answer! That is also what I tried but the result on an UM2 was that it asked if I would like to override the UM2 settings and when I said Yes it just moved the X- and Y-axis around without printing and without moving the Z-axis. Maybe it has something to do with the difference between the UM1 and UM2? In Cura I compiled the Gcode with UM2 settings and then removed the unwanted layers and adjusted the number of layers at the beginning of the file. I will try the same thing on the UM1 tomorrow.
  14. Would it be possible to limit the hight of the print in the same way you can by sinking the object into the platform. But now indicating at which layer to stop printing? This is very useful when you import a JPG file and only would like to print a certain portion of it r when you have an object of which you prefer not to print the top layers. Thanks in advance!
  15. When I use the "Pause at height" plugin in Cura on the UM2 it only goes to the safe position and then immediately goes back to print without giving the opportunity to do anything else like change the filament. Any idea how to solve this? Maybe with another plugin for UM2? Thanks in advance!
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