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  1. Arrived, assembled and tested yesterday. :cool: Lovely, smooth bottomed ABS prints
  2. I had a twitter conversation with the UM guys. Looks like the ETA of the UM1 heated bed is July.
  3. Hi Mark, I do all my slicing in Cura but then send the gcode off to OctoPrint http://octoprint.org/ running on a Raspberry Pi (but you can install it on any Linux or Windows machine with the right python libraries). OctoPrint is awesome as it has a very fully feature webUI which (if you know how to port forward securely) you can make available over the internet. It also has good webcam support which gives a live view of the print plus takes snapshots every time the z-axis changes and creates a time lapse video of your print. I know Cura has this feature as part of the print menu but the ability to manage the print online is a good bonus for Octoprint (also you can get rid of the watermark which annoys me a little in Cura). Hope this all works well with your UM2! Danny
  4. Happy Corner Relegation!!! Unfortunately my wife has made me move the Ultimaker to the garage :sad: but now I can run the printer 24/7 without annoying anyone...YAY! :grin: Before After
  5. First thing that came to mind is a ballerina for my daughter :-) Might print one anyway!
  6. I like it but it is far too...2D. All the motion is in one plane. We should try and go for motion in all dimensions if possible. Perhaps we could all print small modular replicas of the Ultimaker frame (easy to get from the CAD files) then make stuff move inside. Stack these up to make a modular wall?
  7. If you want it to be mechanical, perhaps we could design separate box or window which has standardised geared outputs and inputs. Then inside design something cool that moves. Ideas are already buzzing in my head...or that might be the caffeine. Either way, so much potential!
  8. It was night time :-) 10:50pm To be honest they have shown that dimmed lights help with creativity http://www.psmag.com/blogs/news-blog/dim-lighting-sparks-creativity-60437/
  9. Would it be possible to bolt on a secondary uController with 2 stepper motor drivers and intercept the gcode somehow? Or split the gcode up and send it to two usb com ports and use the PC to synchronise? Also are there enough hot end heater connections and thermocouple connections on the main board?
  10. Hmmm might be an interesting hackerspace project , I would love to see a more rigid design UM frame (say Al extrusion) with beefier stepper motors and a 4 bowden tube setup (one from each corner). Would look epic . Shame the software wouldn't integrate the models though. Edit: or is it just the extruder driving?
  11. Ian - Are those to stop accidental button presses? Also what material, looks like natural PLA.
  12. Nice one Daid! :-) Can't wait. Maybe my incorrectly ordered 2x reels of ABS could come in useful at some point hehe. Do we have any idea on timescales? I appreciate it might be a bit early for that though.
  13. As a new UM Owner I have noticed a couple of things: In Cura there is the possibility of selecting up to 4 hot ends The existing UM has holes for a 4 bowden tube/hot end set up. Does this mean that theoretically one could use up to 4 hot ends and print 4 materials? I had a good search on Google and the forums but no joy. Forgive my ignorance if I am way off base here. Danny
  14. That's the ultimaker robot and was my first print. It's attached to the top as a hood ornament :-D
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