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  1. Hi, the printer is in Italy, I've made 40/50 prints and I've bought in october 2013, I'll submit some pictures tomorrow. For all the stuff I've listed is 1400 euro. I'm selling it because I want to buy a professional one than I want to make some money. Regards, Riccardo
  2. Hi Everybody, I'm selling my ultimaker 1 with the ulticontroller and additionally a thermocouple sensor a 0.3 and 0.4 noozle, 3 alluminium heater block, 3 hot end isolator tube and a peek isolator two additonal stepper driver. It's all assembled and 2 spool of PLA one silver and an other elastic white. I had in mind a price but i'm open to proposal. Preferabily to be an European user. You can check on the website there are several print I've made to see the quality. Kind Regards, Riccardo
  3. Are you still looking for someone? I'm come frome Torino, I've also a 3dhub account. Let me know
  4. Thanks I love the ultimaker an i want to push it to the limit This is why i don't like the painting job i've done.
  5. A quick update, forgot to submit it last night. Added a bit of color to the model. It is i use the airbrush for paint a model than sorry if the color isn't the best
  6. Hi Guys, there it is the 20 cm model sanded and with a layer of primer (14 hours of printing in PLA). Hope you will like it.
  7. Hi Guys, there it is my last creature. He is Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the north star. Obviulsly sclupted by me and printed with the Ultimaker in PLA. It is tall 12 cm and printed in 4 different parts and glued together (torso/legs/left hand/right hand). It's only a test, I'll print next one 24 cm tall . Regards, Riccardo
  8. Oh ok, I'm not sure what is the reason for the crack on the model because during the printing i had leaved the printer alone. In the settings of cura i've used the nornal level of slicing, the material is ABS. The temperature is 260° and the FR is 100%
  9. Hi Ian, I don't had understood your question. But thaks
  10. Hi Guys, there it is the today project, a character from "Inuyasha" anime called shippo. I modelled it in zbrush, also the support material. Used the normal quality slicing setting of Cura. There it is some picture with primer and painted. Regards, Riccardo
  11. Hi everybody, there it is some of my first print, the grey one is 12 cm tall printed with the siver PLA form Ultimaker shop ( no support structure), the second one is an experiment in ABS to make a print without the premade support structure in multiple parts: torso/arms/legs. Basically i hate the print support structure premade by the slicing program than i try to use other way to do it. Hope you will like, I'll post the timelapse for the black one. Regards, Riccardo
  12. Hi Ian, nice to meet you and thanks a lot Yes I'll upload some pictures tomorrow, because the camera is in the bedroom and my wife is sleeping, eheheheh. One question, do you have some suggestion for polishing the model, like sandpaper or stuff like that? If sand paper what grade, I'm more a "virtual sculptor" than a traditional one than i don't have a big experience on hardware stuff. Kind Regards, Riccardo
  13. Hi Everybody! I'm new on the ulimaker world, this my fist print with a my brand new Ultimaker kit. The model was created with Zbrush and sliced with cura at low quality preset. I hope you will like it. You can find a topic in http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?p=2951445#post2951445 where i explain my project. Kind Regards, Riccardo Aversa
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