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  1. Hi, I've seen this more than once in my prints, but this time it is worse than before: parts of a vertical surface are misplaced, exspecially between features like holes. Here are some photos: The visual trouble shooting guide says that shifted layers may be caused by loose pulleys but my problem does not seem to affect whole layers, just certain areas where something "happens" with the model. What could cause this? This is the model: Mirko
  2. Thank you very much for your answers. I really never looked at my models in layer or x-ray mode, because all the OpenSCAD models just worked. Experimenting some more, it seems that FreeCAD creates usable STL files unless you add fillets to the model. I'll have to avoid these for now. Mirko
  3. Hi, I've just changed my workflow a bit (among other things, I now have the original heated bed for the Ultimaker Original and this is also my first print with Nylon, but that is probable not the problem here). I've started to use FreeCAD and I'm trying to print a part that comes out somewhat "inverted" - features that should be printed are left away as if something is wrong with the model. I do not know what software or step causes this, so let me show you my files and pictures below. As you can see in the last picture, the vertical part at the rear end and the rim around the whole part have been omitted and there is a blank surface instead. I stopped the print when it became clear that something is going wrong. The work flow is: I design in the Part Design workbench in FreeCAD, then export as .stl, input into Cura, change some settings (mainly temperature I think), then copy onto SD card. I'm using Ubuntu 15.04 with FreeCAD 0.15 and Cura 15.04 (installed the firmware from that, too, newest version of Cura crashes on my computer). Model in FreeCAD: wrong.fcstd Model in Cura: wrong.stl wrong.gcode Outcome: Mirko
  4. Thanks for your replies. I've received an answer from them and I think i need to apologise for calling them "not very responsive". It seems that one week ago, I used the wrong form on their website for asking my question (obviously, that one was under a blog post and meant to be used for comments, but a large part of their website is in dutch so I didn't realise . Anyway, they tell me I can use option 2 (which from the comments in Configuration.h is "200k thermistor - ATC Semitec 204GT-2 (4.7k pullup)"). Will try later this weekend. Mirko
  5. Hi, I purchased a heated bed upgrade from Darkmatters in the Netherlands some weeks ago. I tried to contact them via their web form, but they do not seem very responsive... I cannot find out what thermistor this is using. Can anyone tell me the type I have to choose when configuring Marlin? If all else fails, can I just try several types or will that possibly break something? Thanks, Mirko
  6. My initial concern was that I may have invested in a dead end, now that we know there will still be upgrades, I'm fine. I think the reason some of us are a bit upset is that we had in mind that Ultimaker continue to release all technical advances as upgrades, not as completely new machines. When I decided to buy an Ultimaker, the openness/hackability/upgradability was one of the reasons to get this and not one of the other options. I wanted a printer that will grow with the state of the art of 3D-printing and with my requirements at least for some time. This is also the reason I wouldn't compare this to a cell phone or TV set - if I buy a cell phone, I know it'll be outdated after some time. I don't plan to install new hardware in it. Mirko
  7. Hi, I hope my first post here does not sound too negative, but as someone who only yesterday finished building his Ultimaker 1, I am curious as to what these news mean in terms of updates for the Ultimaker 1. Will there still be an official heated bed? Or will it even be possible to update an Ultimaker 1 to Ultimaker 2? Mirko
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