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  1. I am in Vermont, USA. (Dutch name though...both parents from Nederland) What did you mean by "You just gave me an idea of professional reconversion" ? -OV-
  2. Thanks! That will be helpful...I already have a black book for our laser engraver (same idea to record settings. However no where near as many as Ultimaker / Cura!) Two follow questions: 1) I noticed on the <Start/End-GCode> tab that there are several lines for setting information...do i type that in, or does CURA generate that? And I noticed also that Gcode line M107 (start with fan off)...can I just remove this line? I have been starting prints, then having to go into Ulti-controller to start/set fan speed...I really would like the fan to come on automatically at a default or set speed. (yes I have the "enable cooling fan" checked) 2) is there anyway to control the motors via the Ulti-controller? I want to be able to move the print head out of way and lower print bed. THANKS for the help and support! happily printing away in Vermont! -OV-
  3. Hello All...my first post! As a new Ultimaker user and a high school engineering teacher we are excited to get our ultimaker making quality prototypes as soon as possible. TWO questions/requests for help: 1) We want to experiment to get best prints. Which settings should we start with? Which settings should we keep track of? (thinking of creating a photo-log...list of settings + photo of print) Has anyone already done this? 2) Ultimaker Controller...what are all the menu options? and what do they all mean? (i.e. Vxy-jerk ?!?) Is there a PDF out there for guiding us through the Ulti-Controller menus? Thanks in advanced for the great community and support! -Olaf
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