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  1. I have measured my spring length at 15mm so I will tighten a little further. My plastic bed has all of a sudden become loose/lifted straight off... so I will need now to research how to fix that back up properly... Looking forward to printing again.
  2. Hello all, Hello all, Thank you for your responses. I have tested the nozzle to check it is not blocked using some wire and it seems to be fine. I will check again following the procedure gr5 has suggested however. I will grapple with the extruder later this afternoon. jenschr- I'm using filament bought from Ultimaker so I had my fingers crossed that that wouldn't be the problem.. The filament doesn't seem to have a problem getting through the tube when I push it along by hand. Just nothing seems to come out of the hot end... Also two more points which I have observed which may be helpful for 'those who know' to help diagnose the problem I have been having: I have noticed there is significantly less tension in the spring when I go to fasten the extruder than there used to be. Could this be a contributing factor? There is quite a lot of 'brown gunk' sat on top of the silver piece of metal (see photo attached). Could this be as a result of something being 'loose'? Thanks again for words of advice! Lizzie
  3. Hello, thanks a lot for your responses. I may try printing the parts individually as suggested when I've got to grips with the software a little more. Thanks again for you replies
  4. Hello, I have only had my Ultimaker for a week so am very new to this. I bought it pre assembled and was very happy with my first few prints. However I then attempted to print a model I downloaded from sketchup and the printing did not work very well at all. I am using PLA and was prior to the problem was printing successfully at 220C. I have gone on to the forum troubleshooting and am relatively confident there is no blockage in the Bowden tube nor the brass hot end piece. The printer goes through all the motions of the print but no filament passes through. The extruder seems to work ok until it pushes the filament to the very be of the tube entering the hot end. There are then some odd sounds and the extruder begins to rub a way at the filament. I think there is a problem at the hot end but I'm not at all sure. I have attached a photo of the filament I have pulled out after unsuccessful printing showing the end at the hot part. I would be so very grateful for any help as I have been struggling to resolve the problem for the past two days. Many thanks, Lizzie
  5. Hello, I've been using the Ultimaker for a few days now and have had great fun. However I tried printing a palm tree yesterday and it didn't turn out very well at all. Whilst watching the printer I noticed that it tries to print the leaves from the tip of the leaf to trunk, which on this model isn't possible. Is there a setting I can use in order for the tree to print successfully. I have attached a screenshot of the model in Cura and a photograph of the outcome. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Lizzie
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