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  1. 1. Heated bed This is probably the feature I'm nost interested in as I need to print with ABS in the not so distant future. I also like that you've ditched the regular screws and gone for some thumb screws. 2. New hotend Besides looking way more complete/professional, it also seems way more durable. I wouldn't mind an upgrade for the original UM. 3. New extruder As Nicolinux wrote, this is also a very nice improvement. I haven't really had my original UM for a long time but I agree that less parts equals less risk of something breaking. 4. New case Just as with the rest of the UM2, the
  2. I would like to point out that it has kinda already been confirmed that upgrades like the heated bed will at some point become available for the original UM. As long as they keep releasing upgrades for the original UM, I won't really compare them to Makerbot. For most of us that assembled the UM ourselves, we paid 1194 euros for the kit and perhaps 80 euros for the controller. That leaves 621 euros for other upgrades before we reach the price of the new version. That's quite a bit of money for upgrades. I could easily make my UM run silent and add a nice heated bed for about 200 euros. That s
  3. I think a lot of new V1 owners thought "damn" once the news was made available but as some of you have already pointed out, V1 is still a very nice 3D printer. I got my kit about a week ago and I actually had no trouble assembling it. The first print also went great thanks to Cura. What I do hope and which has kinda already been confirmed, is that V1 will be geting upgrades such as the heated bed. Sure, it won't be available right now but at least the V1 won't just be forgotten. I'm sure the Ultimaker team will work hard on upgrades once the V2 sales normalize. Anyway, I look forward to the
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