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  1. Sorry for the gravedigging, but I just wanted to share that nail polish remover improves adhesion too. Yesterday I printed a 80x160x2 mm rectangular piece and I didn't have any IPA. So, being too impatient to go out and buy it, I used my gf's nail polish remover and the piece stuck to the tape, and the tape to the bed, so tightly I had immense trouble getting it off! I was simply amazed by how strongly it was attached. I only succeeded in getting it off by removing the whole bed from the printer and then persistently driving a utility knife between the bed and the tape, and after that I still
  2. Hello again, excuse my double post, but: I thought "what the hell, let's add extrusion/retraction", so I did. You can download this new version here. As before, just extract the archive in the pronterfanUI folder, overwriting everything. This version supports fan control, temperature control, hotbed/extruder on/off and extrusion/retraction control for the first extruder. If anyone feels like adding the same functionality for the second extruder, feel free (I don't have one myself). I'll keep the old version in my earlier post, in case there are any bugs with the new version. I think what is
  3. Oops, forgot to put in Citystars' code... too many script.py files running around on my hard drive I updated the archive; download link is: https://app.box.com/s/75skiqucz6az8ldine4a Now it should work... I don't have a heatbed or a second extruder, so I can't test everything though.
  4. Hi, I noticed today that when copy-pasting Wayne's code, the indentation of the lines seem to be lost, which screws up the python code. When I corrected that, it works just fine. However, I found it a bit impractical that the console and the temperature panel were in the same space (as sometimes console messages would print over the temperature buttons), so I did some small modifications to the design to make some room. I uploaded the result, to be found https://app.box.com/s/75skiqucz6az8ldine4a. Just put the files in the PronterfanUI folder, overwriting everything. This version contains fan
  5. Hello all, Thanks for your replies! I tried extruding using the Jog fuction in Cura, but that didn't help too much I think. The skirt function is on, I think, because before starting to print, it prints a line around the model. Maybe I should make it print more of those. I mean: I don't really mind wasting so little material if that makes the blobbing go away...One thing though: in my version of Cura I have both Skirt and Brim. Which one should I use, and what's the difference between the two? and @drayson: I haven't changed the default code at all. So it's just the same code as when I opene
  6. Hello all, I received the Ultimaker as a gift. Assembled it without problems - the wiki documentation was extremely clear, thanks! The printer printed excellently already without any calibration (and without me knowing anything about calibration too...). I just opened Cura, did the wizard, after which it sent me to that Ultimaker robot model and I just hit "print", that's it. There's only one problem, not a very serious one, but still: it seems that before (when heating up) and after printing (when the head is still hot), filament comes out of the head without the extruder moving. As a conse
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