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  1. Thank you for the reply. I haven't tried the "unencumbered" extrusion yet. How can I check the amperage? I had thought it might be the bolts circumference as well, but it didn't line up. I checked and cleaned it again, printed slow again. Worked relatively well but the problem came back. I've had the problem with different filament types. I haven't noticed anything major wrong with the temp. But to be sure I increased it a fair bit. The filament feeds quite easily into the bowden/hot end when I feed it by hand, I can't see an particular reason for it to be binding or anything. It's a fresh nozzle and I've done cold pulls to be sure. One thing that's been quite consistent is that I am always able to get a really good start to a print, and then after a little while it will have this underextrusion problem. Sometimes it's after 5 or 6 layers. Last print it took an hour (~50 layers). I checked the filament and everything that had passed through the bowden and extruder looked great up until when it started to grind. Everything but the extruder has been, I believe, eliminated from my troubleshooting. I know the motors always run a bit hot, but is it possible that the extruder motor is running so hot the hobbled bolt is slipping because it's too warm? The extruder motor is super hot to the touch. Even when going at 20mm/s.
  2. Hey everyone, I've had a ghost in my machine for a while now. It's frustrated me to the point of shelving the thing a few times. I recently have been energized and decided to get rid of whatever problems it's having. The issue is underextrusion. It seemed inconsistent, but upon some closer inspection, I have noticed small amounts of grinding happening at regular intervals. At roughly 45mm intervals along the filament that's been fed by the extruder and is still in the bowden. It's not EVERY 45mm, and prints seem to work fine for a while and then the issue will present itself every 45mm. I measured the hobbled bolt and it doesn't seem like that would be the cause. I'm not sure what other part of the extrusion system would cause such a regular repeat of the issue. Has anyone else seen something like this? Any advice? I've poured through underextrusion threads on the internet and I have thus far: Replaced hot end/carriage/nozzle Replace and upgraded fan assembly Cleaned hobbled bolt (and checked for damage, didn't see anything) Adjusted (reduced) retraction I'm printing slow as molasses - 20mm/s, .2 layers. Thanks!
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