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  1. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for giving me more information. D
  2. Thanks for the info GR5. That has made things much clearer. I know how they feel as I'm currently working with people in both LA and Sydney. I was working under the (wrong) assumption that there would have been someone back at base. I apologise to anyone listening for that! D
  3. I'm sorry to have offended you, but it is completely within my right to call customer service bad when they haven't responded to my email within 4 and a half days. They HAVE now responded, which is great, so I am discussing the matter with them. I totally understand their position, but when you get no response after waiting that long I think it is right and fair to go to a public forum to get their attention. A delay in customer service in my experience is never more than a day or two. I am using the machine to prototype for a client, not as a hobbiest, so I am on the clock and require as a response as possible, so this was the only way top get their attention. A quick response is desirable to me as it affects my business and my relationship with the client. What I have (potentially) lost in buying the Ultimaker 1 is speed and accuracy so you are wrong to say that nothing has been lost, when both of those components are important to me. Since the Ultimaker 2 hasn't been released yet and I presume you don't own one, your comparison seem spurious and over defensive to me. I understand why you want to defend a product that you feel loyal to, but what you say about replacing a product is untrue. In the UK you can replace any product, tampered with or not, by returning it within 30 days if you are unhappy with that product. Having delt with computer manufacturers for years I am always warned when a newer model is about to come on the market and companies have always been happy to replace components if those products don't meet my needs. I am sorry if this is not your experience.
  4. Thanks Ian, That has laid my mind at rest a bit. I have been conversing with them on Facebook in a limited way but was getting more and more agitated. I had heard of their excellent customer service, so to receive none is quite shocking to me. I'm just eager to resolve the situation. Thanks for you help. Dominic
  5. Hello forum, I bought an Ultimaker a couple of weeks ago, and was shocked when after only an hour of work building they announced the Ultimaker 2! I was still on the first stage and this has put me in the position of building a machine that is already out of date, which as you can imagine is pretty demoralising. I contacted the Ultimaker customer support over the weekend to see if it was possible to return the product as it had barely been touched. I was within the 7 working day return period, but am aware that only covers an unopened machine. I wanted some guidance. It is now the following Thursday and I have yet to receive a reply. The only response I did receive is an impersonal email saying that they couldn't answer my request as they were busy promoting the Ultimaker 2. This only rubbed salt in the wound. The reason I settled on buying an Ultimaker was because I heard that the company had a reputation for excellent customer service and that the product was 'easy' to build. I am used to building my own PC's but would never describe them as easy to assemble, and I would say that the Ultimaker is much more difficult to build than a PC. The six hour minimum build estimate is obviously only for people who have built the machine previously, so I consider both these statements (easy to build and good customer service) not to represent the truth in my experience. I also learned that Ultimaker were exchanging new prebuilt Ultimaker machines for the Ultimaker 2 as a show of good will, but not the kits. This has only made me more upset. I hope to receive a response soon as I would at the very least like to continue building my machine. I don't think this sort of customer service is acceptable.
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