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  1. Ok, thank you. My bank is taking red tape to a whole new level..... UPDATE: I think I figured out a way to go around my bank (the source of my aggrivation).
  2. I am having a major problem trying to purchase from Ultimaker. I tried several times to purchase both an Ultimaker Origional kit and an Ultimaker 2. I tried to pay via Paypal using my debit card. The transactions were declined by my bank (even though I have the money in my account) because they restrict international transactions. They have to manually input the "country code" that shows up in their system for the country that the business is located in. They tried the codes for The Netherlands and Ireland (for some reason their system lists Amsterdam as a city in Ireland). I also tried to us
  3. Thank you all very much. I received a response from support regarding my questions and they were very helpful. I am going to be purchasing the origional in kit form and the Ultimaker 2 asap based on the awesome response from the Ultimaker community and the support staff. I agree that I had horrible timing (story of my life) and I greatly appreciate everyone's patience with me. I look forward to contributing to the Ultimaker community.
  4. I am new to the forum (and to ultimaker) and I really want to purchase an ultimaker 2. I couldn't find a lot of detail on the ultimaker 2 and I sent up a support ticket to sales with 7 questions on Sep 22, 2013. Since then i have managed to find the answer to one of the questions myself, however, the other questions have remained unanswered. Some of the questions may seem dumb, however, I need to have them answered before I spend that much money. How long does it take to receive an answer from ultimaker support? If this is a good example of response to sales tickets, how bad is the response t
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