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  1. Yea I read about T-Glase for over a year and never knew it was PETG.
  2. No shrinking or warping. No smell. No enclosure required. Build plate can be heated or not (depends on brand). Can be printed on glass without any glue* Does not absorb water or moisture from air, so no storage container needed. Clear color is the most transparent of all filament materials. Is much "tougher" that PLA or ABS; will bend before breaking. Uses about the same extruder temps as ABS. Does not need a print cooling fan like PLA does. Also known as Polyester, PETG, PETT, PET+ Is what most soda pop bottles are made of. Does not degrade in water. FDA approved in the USA for f
  3. Ah, maybe it could be called "no space jump"
  4. Why would you want to turn that on?
  5. Why is it called combing?
  6. Wow... not just the bet PET mechanical part I've seen, but the best mechanical part of any material.
  7. Can anyone verify if black XT is opaque? I think black T-Glase is translucent, not opaque.
  8. Good pointer: Going slower might allow you to use lower temps.
  9. Here is a PET summary: Also known as polyester No shrinking or warping No smell Does not degrade in water FDA approved for food contact Does not absorb water Not brittle Is the most recycled plastic Made Solid - from Matter Hackers, in California USA: http://www.matterhackers.com/store/3d-printer-filament/black-pet-175mm Made Solid - from California USA: http://shop.madesolid.com/products/madesolid-strong-filament-1-75mm-1-lbs Colorfabb XT - from Netherlands: http://colorfabb.com/xt-black Colorfabb XT - from Printed Solid, in Deleware USA: http://www.printedso
  10. I've built and flown traditional RC planes and heli's. It would be interesting to see your parts. Balsa is very rigid for it's weight, and resistant to elongation, and that's why it's still used. The main thing I'd worry about with printing is elongation from temperature. If ABS or PLA spars, leading edges, or trailing edges change much in length due to temp or humidity, it would warp your wing.
  11. What is it about a bowden that makes retraction more needed?
  12. Also will be looking forward to an enclosure kit or option.
  13. I personally don't need wireless; I prefer the money to go into reliable prints.
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