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  1. Hi! In the past I had not the opportunity to follow the forum as frequent as I wished. Now I would like to know what has changed in Cura version since 14.03 but couldn’t find a release note. In the news section this 14.03 is the last entry: https://www.ultimaker.com/blogs/news/categories/cura-release-notes GitHub shows 13.12 as last update: https://github.com/daid/Cura/blob/SteamEngine/changelog Are you able to assist to get my knowledge up to date or even update the posted links? Mercy buckets!
  2. Actually, I tried searching this forum and couldn’t find anything specific to clogging on an Ultimaker 2. There must be a procedure in changing from ABS to PLA without having to take apart the nossle afterwards. Whouldn’t it be a good opportunity to sum up the 10 best ways to de-clog an Ultimaker 2?
  3. Hi! I believe my Ultimaker 2 is clogged. I’m usually printing PLA. I have one roll of black ABS. Now I tried it and it worked perfect. After having printed my ABS parts I wanted to switch back to white PLA. I removed the material in ABS-settings and inserted PLA in ABS-settings because I believed the higher temperature in the nossle would remove the rest of the ABS. First some black ABS came out of the nossle, than some white PLA came out and I was happy, but then all of a sudden no material came out any more. I changed to PLA settings and tried again to change material (removed the white
  4. In use already! It will let me sleep well tonight. Thank you NachoKaoS! :-)
  5. It's not my last but my first print... :-) If you should be interested, there is a video of unboxing my Ultimaker 2 as well:
  6. @Nicolinux: You are right, the left ear is better than the right. Sharp eyed! The left ear is round and smooth, The right is missing some material at the bottom. It looks like it is bended up a little bit. @WoofysPlace & Nicolinux: You are wellcome! Thanks for your tribute. :smile:
  7. Hey! My Ultimaker 2 was shipped last Friday and I got it today. (Switzerland) I went home in my lunch break to take care of the DHL delivery. I can tell, 90 Minutes later I had my first printed shiny blue Ultimaker Robot in my hand. Amazing! ...and I am totally new to 3D printing. I shot a small video; maybe it is interesting for you guys. I love this piece! It was worth waiting for it! I hope the video isn’t boring for you. It might be a little long...
  8. Please look at page 22 and read the first sentence of step 21 at the bottom of the page. Here it says "Make sure you have the SD-card inserted that came with your Ultimaker 2" and "Your SD-card comes with the file [ultimaker Robot] click the button if you would like to print this file.". In step 5 on page 29 it says "After you inserted the included SD-card in your computer" I believe they just missed to add the SD-card on page 10.
  9. DHL is not available on Saturday, so nobody to ask. I'll wait and see if I will be surprised on Monday...
  10. Did you get a tracking number? I have none...
  11. Yeah! Just shipped 10 Minutes ago: I ordered on the 20th of September at around 14:00 (CEST). They must have a real long order list and I belief many of us tried to be the first in the row. It was hard waiting that long but now I'm more than happy to be able to print very soon. :grin:
  12. Hey gr5, great scale models! This might be a Cura question: How do you scale down your models to 1/87? Cura has the option to scale but only shows two decimal places. You can type up to four but afterwards it shows only two. How accurate is Cura in scaling? If you want to be precise 1/87 is around 0.0114942528735632 Ion
  13. @gr5 & Nicolinux: I'm joining your team!
  14. Hi Daniel Could you tell me where to find 1.0 Ultimaker 2 User Manual? I didn't find it in the Wiki. Isn't that the place to put it? Greetings, Timo
  15. Dear Sander, reading your post tells me, you are not shipping today and will not ship tomorrow. Is that right? Then I have to decompress and forget all about my weekend planning. :cry: I ordered on the 20th of September around 2pm (CEST). It really feels like Christmas for a small child. Since you announced your shipping date I am champing at the bit and planning my life beyond being an Ultimaker² owner. As I believed to be one of the first who ordered this incredible piece of craftsmanship, I was hoping to get my hands on mine this weekend. I hope you can feel a little bit how
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