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  1. Dears, I want to build marlin firmware with makefile, and I have installed Arduino 1.5.2 and the install path is G:/software. Then I changed makefile as below: # This defined the board you are compiling for (see Configuration.h for the options) HARDWARE_MOTHERBOARD ?= 72 # Arduino source install directory, and version number ARDUINO_INSTALL_DIR ?= G:/software/arduino-1.5.2-windows/arduino-1.5.2 ARDUINO_VERSION ?= 152 # You can optionally set a path to the avr-gcc tools. Requires a trailing slash. (ex: /usr/local/avr-gcc/bin) AVR_TOOLS_PATH ?= G:/software/arduino-1.5.2-wind
  2. Hello gr5, Very appreciated for sharing your experience in printing the tower. I use UM2 to print such thing and the cura version is 14.06. As you said, the scale is very critical. Firstly ,I try to print without scaling up and I found it difficult to finish the first arche. Then I scaled the model up to 1.5 times, that is about 7.1 inches tall, and I can print the tower to the second arche. But it is difficult to continue~ Now, I will try it again by scaling up the model more and with 100% fan speed~ BTW, you said "In 3 pieces" , what does that mean? detach the model with 3 seperated p
  3. Dears Anyone knows the better parameter settings for cura to print eiffel tower? how to set shell thickness, fill, retraction, speed... Below link is the stl model http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22051
  4. Dear gr5, I just want to edit the gui, add some buttons or something else to control the UM2 more convenient or show more printing messages of 3D printer...And you are right, I just need to edit py files, need to change C++ engine
  5. Dear nallath, You are right~ I just have some experience with C, and know a little with C++, totally new hand for python. I admit that my question is too basic :-P I think I should learn more necessary skills before changing cura source code... However, very appreciated for your answer :-P
  6. Dear Daid, I am familiar with c/c++, but new hand for python :-| , and I just want to know some principle of cura~ My understanding is Cura-SteamEngine is just a python GUI and I should combine it with CuraEngine-master. is that right? thank you!
  7. Dears, I want to do some modifications on cura and I installed wxpython. Then I download Cura-SteamEngine from github and unzip it. But when I run cura.py, error shows: ImportError: No module named Cura.util how can I solve this problem? Very appreciated if any sopport~
  8. Yes, Robert, you are right :-P I tried to use pronterface to control UM2 this afternoon, and it still work
  9. Thank Didier and Dim3nsineer for quick answer~ However, I think it amazing if we can control a 3D printer with a friendly user interface like fronterface. Also I think it convenient to solve some issues by moving XYZ axis a little, preheating, changing temperature, extruding though pronterface. But we can only print with cura... :-| And I think it great if wifi function can be integrated in 3D printer :-P
  10. Hello everyone~ Can I 3D print with cura on UM2 ? I mean if I can control UM2 for 3D printing with cura directly though usb just like pronterface, not from SD card Anyone knows? thank you!
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