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  1. I used to print with cura 15.043. But it is weird today. The print preview window shows black when cura is launched. I have download version 15.044, and it also has the same issue. How can I solve it?
  2. Thank you, I've checked the "gantry height" in the forum.
  3. I need to do multiple printing to save time. But it shows no difference when I change the "tool" setting in 14.09, 14.12, and 15.01. How to fix the problem?
  4. I'm sure "pause at height" is not enabled. Actually, I don't know how to use it....
  5. Sometimes I must press "continue" to let printing go on when my UM2 finishes the first one of multiple prints. But sometimes it can just complete the whole printing process without any pause. Why does it happen? Is there any control option about multiple prints except the setting in "tool" of cura?
  6. How to push them together into the feeder?! Is it no problem when print processing? under extrusion, ugly seam...etc.?
  7. How to change the material in the process when my print still have 20% to go and the material(PLA or Abs spoll) on UM2 is not left enough?
  8. My UM2 Z axis makes loud sound when it starts to print. And it just stops. The screen shows the message. What is wrong with it? Which part I should check?
  9. I try to replace the system board borrowed from my friend's UM2, and my UM2 comes back to work. So I think it is the issue of the main board. I find there is no UM2 board in the official webshop. Can I just buy a new Arduino board to replace the old one? What is the model number? Otherwise where can I get a new one?
  10. My UM2 has the power issue and doesn't work. The light on power supply and bottom board is on, but the LED screen is off. Any part I should check?
  11. @gr5 Thank you! I try to make the screws of the cap and the stepper motor tighter. The printing result gets better.
  12. If the environment temp is not cold or dramatically changing, I think PLA printing without heated bed is OK. The heated bed is now out of stock, but it may arrive to UM next week.
  13. I've done the pt100 replacement this afternoon. It does work!!! The bed temp looks fine.
  14. My UMO prints have the shifted layers issue. But it only happens in some direction. I have checked the screws which are safely secured. Are there other parts I need to check? Here is the model in Cura. It is in the layers mode. This is the print result. One side is fine, and the other side is not good.
  15. I swap the meter wires and try again. The checking result is close to the last time. So I think the meter works regularly. I found the thread about PT100 in this forum. @gr5 Is that what you mean to replace PT100 part? http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6779-whats-wrong-with-my-heated-bed-um2/?hl=pt100&do=findComment&comment=76556
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