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  1. Hi guys, I have been playing with my ultimaker for a couple of weeks now, and I am planning to upgrade it with a heated bed. I am almost done with purchasing the necessary stuffs, only left with the MK1 and the glass (I am planning to use glass according to this tutorial on fixing the heated bed). However, I just learnt about Alu-heated bed MK3 and I am a little confused about whether I should get Mk1 or MK3? And is the installation process the same? Thank you.
  2. Yea man, I believe the stepper motor is a lot stronger than what it seems to be. Anyway, I finally got it fixed with a few nights of tinkering. It wasn't the extruder gear or the power supply that was causing the huge vibration. But thank you so much for your help, it helps me to learn about quite a few new stuffs! Really appreciate it! (:
  3. Hey thanks gr5 for the reply! well, i just tried that but it still didn't solve the problem. the extruder head always move to this certain position then it will get "stuck" at the same place. and that only happens when its moving in the y-axis. :/
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to both Ultimaker and this forum. I just fixed my Ultimaker set few days ago and have been using it to print a couple of items and it was totally fine. However, moments ago, it suddenly started to make a lot of grinding sound as the extruder head moves in the y-axis. It was so bad till the entire machine was vibrating. At first I thought it was probably because the head was touching the platform and so I lowered the platform to such that the head was definitely not touching it anymore. Then I used "Bed Leveling Wizard" in Cura once more to test the movement of the XY
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