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  1. Well touch wood, have tried using a new sd card and so far today have printed 5 designs with no problems. Thanks to everybody for your suggestions especially tinkergnome.
  2. Hi avogra, since l've had this problem l've tried all sorts of prints including 25 x 25 x10 blocks with still the same problems. Going to try tinkergnome idea of a new sd card. I've also cleaned all the guide rods and re-oiled in case they were sticking and affecting the stepper motors. Keith
  3. Hi Danilius, I've just uploaded a sample piece of gcode which as a said before the first time l printed it got through about 80% before crashing, tried again and it crashed about 20% through. Doesn't seem to be consistent where it crashes. Thanks gcode link
  4. Still having the same problem. Have uninstalled Cura, re-installed Cura 15.04, updated firmware on Ultimaker 2, created a small block in Solidworks, Sliced in Cura 15.04, transferred to printer but part way through printing still gives the error message: "Error: Tried printing out of printing area" and the head moves to the left and then the home position. Tried printing again and at a different point the same error occurs. Any help please
  5. Hi thanks for replying. I'd upgrading to Cura 15.06 but have now gone back to 15.04.3. Even using an old gcode file that l know worked this now gives the same error. I've checked the code using the gcode viewer and as far as l can tell everything appears normal, and yes in cura the model is yellow and well within the bed parameters.
  6. Over the last couple of days my Ultimaker 2 prints correctly but then occasionally prints correctly until a midpoint then returns the head unit to the home position and l receive an error message: Error: Tried printing out of printing area. Has anybody any idea what might be causing the problem Thanks Keith
  7. Ordered three colours of 100m from fabberdashery on Thursday morning, arrived Friday afternoon. Excellent service and they also included a sample of their very bright cyber yellow.
  8. Update - ordered filament over a month ago, been marked as ready to ship for over two week, can't get anybody to reply to my messages. Cancelled my order this morning and twenty minutes later email confirming cancellation. Its alright for Ultimaker travelling all over the world to 3D shows getting interest in their products but they need to get their dispatch department in order first.
  9. Thanks for the offer Skint. I sent a PM to Marrit on Tuesday stating that if my orders were not dispatched then to cancel them and refund my money - guess what - nothing. No PM, no email, no contact from anybody. I will post a support message but if anybody from dispatch reads this - CANCEL MY ORDERS. I'll order some filament from Faberdashery today.
  10. Hi Skint Thanks for that, I've looked at their site and it looks OK. Only problem is having ordered 7 reels of filament from Ultimaker (been marked as ready to ship for two weeks), until l know if they will ship or not l'm reluctant to order more until l'm desperate.
  11. After posting message 1, l had a message from Marrit saying she was going to chase up on my delivery. Yes my goods were ready to be dispatched and having chased the logistics department would be shipped Friday or at the latest Monday. Oh well as per usual; Friday went and the weekend went and Monday went and guess what, still no change in status, no message or email from anybody. Seems to me that Ultimaker have a big problem, either they don't have enough money for goods or deliveries or their delivery department are just plain incompetent. If l ran my company delivery department like this l w
  12. Hi everybody – thanks for all the feedback. Skint: I've tried an experiment with the Loctite 401 by leaving some on the surface of the plastic and it doesn't seem to burn the surface as you found with your glue. The other benefit I've found over a two part epoxy is that the Loctite is straight from the container and you don’t need to mix (l always seem to not mix enough or over compensate and waste some.
  13. Hi everybody, l'm in Rugby so if there are any meets let me know.
  14. Having now been printing with my UM2 for the last three months, l’m ready to start my latest project which is a working clock mechanism. The plans for this are from Brian Law’s clock number 7 (http://www.woodenclocks.co.uk) originally intended to be cut from wood. Having printed some of the parts l now need to glue some together. Trying to google suitable glues l’ve found a number of people having problems tracking down something to glue PLA plastic together. Talking to the technical department of Loctite their advice was to use Loctite 401, and although slightly expensive; £21.00 for 20g it s
  15. People still complaining about long delivery schedules for UM2, just try ordering some filament. Ordered 5 reels in January, some on back order marked 2nd week of February - no problem, prepared to wait but then needed some urgently. Ordered 2 reels last week, in stock according to the store, been marked as ready to dispatch but still not dispatched. Anybody got good service from any other filament supplier which is suitable for the UM2. ps No problems with the UM2 - brilliant printer.
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