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  1. As far as I understand from a logical point of view: the power-cut comes from the power supply, as it is over-rated (once the 2nd extruder stepper gets activated). The UMO electr.board (19V) together with the HBK electronics (24V) *is* capable to handle a stronger power unit whatsoever... Remember: the heated bed is connected to the HBK electronics board and this extra board supports the UMO via an additional 19V cable.
  2. Absolutely correct, as described in the previous post from gr5! On the other hand, a 400W / 24V power supply should be sufficient as well - although not tested. I do not mind, using both power supplies at the same time als long as the printer doesn't stop operation. For the moment, dual extrusion is still "experimental" and raises other problems like oozing of the 2nd nozzle, etc... I am interested in printing solid + flexible material at the same time, as well as printing the support structure on PVA (water soluble). From what I have seen so far, the HBK greatly improves warping. By the way: the default Y offset of the 2nd nozzle is 21.6mm. Currently I get better results using 22.0 mm /Johann
  3. Hy Guys, P L E A S E N O T I C E: When using UM Original + Dual extrusion upgrade + heated bed upgrade kit (as I have installed now) you ***have to use*** both power supplies at once. I was dealing with an immediate power off problem during a dual color print when using only the PSU shipped with the HBK. Heating up nozzles together with the bed works, but as soon as the stepper motors are being operated, all in a sudden, the power goes down. Maybe this should be mentioned in the assembly guide of the HBK as well!
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