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  1. Hi, I saw in another topic (http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3684-um2-axis-control-software/?p=28580) that Daid said during the bed leveling procedure the fan cap is supposed to be over the clip, but my nozzle is actually hitting the clip. (not sure if the image will come through - I'm not allowed to use that image extension on this community?) Do I have the bed too close (my leveling seems OK based on my prints), or do I need to wait for the FW update where the head will be moved back ~5mm during the leveling procedure? As a workaround I'm just unclipping the clip when
  2. Thanks jamboy! It looks like they're shipping about 6 weeks after the order date, so I might get mine in a week or so.
  3. So, anyone get their UM2 yet? I ordered and paid on 27 Sept but my order still says the shipment is "ready." That's running a 2 week backlog for my order that was placed 3 weeks prior to the launch date. I understand they're shipping them on a pro-rata basis. Anyone who ordered before then get their UM2 yet, maybe we could start to collect some data points on what the turnaround is like during this initial large number of orders at launch? TIA!
  4. Thanks, a bit longer than I expected but I'm confident it will be worth the wait!
  5. Hi- New to the forum, Ultimaker, 3d printing, everything. I just ordered an Ultimaker 2 last week and I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with the turnaround time on orders for these shiny new models? I had heard the Ultimaker1 was about 3 days to fill the order and then under a week shipping time to the US. I figured before I bug support with a ticket (they're hopefully busy!) I would ask the community here what their experience was like ordering/shipping the U2. TIA, Peter
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