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  1. Hi Neotko, a photo would have been a good idea... as someone who reverse engineers products, it's something I normally do hense the facepalm! Watched the instruction video and thought it was so simple I didn't need to photo - without realising my board was different. Thank you very much for the very prompt reply. I will check the PDF and try J26
  2. Hi All I have one of the very first UM2's shipped to the UK January 2014 and thus I have a very early board inside (serial 1003003835 0200). I've just upgraded with the '+' kit and on installing realised I unplugged the 'Third Fan' from the board without making a note of where it connected.. (face palm) I do not have a 5 volt connector on the centre of my board as the install instructions suggest. I have in the back of my mind it was connected to the jumper block ICSP1 EXT/IO to the right of the board but I may be wrong - I connected it to the FAN 19-24V connector - assuming that is where I disconnected it before realising my mistake and had continuous material clog above the hot end as there was no cooling - took me a while to realise the fan was not working! Can anyone tell me where to connect the 5V fan (blue and orange cable) on the board I have? Any help would be appreciated! Matt
  3. Hi I placed an Order, on 28th September with no confirmation of purchase. I have been speaking direct with Paul Croft (whom I met at TCT, Birmingham) who said he would get someone at head office to look into my case and also look into this when he gets back (as he is away at the moment) and he also indicated that the system was having problems. This was at the weekend just gone and I have not heard anything back yet - though many thanks to Paul for contacting me during his break. Firstly, the money has been charged to my CC account (transaction date 1st October) but still says 'balance due' in my status and I have no evidence of my purchase other than my card statement. Secondly, can you please confirm a shipment date? Is it really going to be the 21st as suggested in another thread? At TCT, I was told the 'first week of October' and this had a strong influence on my purchasing decision - I have clients waiting for me to deliver solutions and prototypes to them and I'm struggling to put them off any longer. This has already cost me on one project as I have had to outsource. I have completely lost confidence in Ultimaker B.V. I raised a ticket 2nd Oct and got the stock 'we're busy' reply. That was over a week ago. This really isn't an acceptable way to engage with your client base and your sales process - taking someone's money without a receipt of goods purchased - is I believe illegal in the EU under the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002, fault in the system or not. Please get your act together, I would rather some transparency and honesty than no contact at all, at least then I can plan my own strategy. I hope to get some answers very soon or I will be requesting a full refund (of my money you don't know you have!), something that I'd hoped I wouldn't have to do. Regards
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