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  1. Really :eek: !!!!! My ancient UP printer can transfer files down the USB into the printers built in flash card. My shiny new UM2 can't???
  2. That was my thought as well. I don't have my UM2 yet but I have an UP printer. I tried to take the nozzle off that at one point to clean it: and failed. It has "welded" itself solid. If it ever needs replacing I know it will be a new heater block. If the same applies to other printers then It's hard to see how enough people will bother to make it economically viable.
  3. The UM2's at the TCT show were using 3mm filament.
  4. The UM2 page still says 230 x 225 x 205 mm. But go to News->Blog. There Sander mentions, then confirms in a subsequent post, the larger build size: ' X25,5 * Y25,5 * Z20,5 cm' this is the correct build size.
  5. Hi Sander, Thanks for responding, I have sent you a PM. Gerry.
  6. Hi Sander, I ordered my UM2 last Friday and I have to say I'm disappointed with a lack of response from Ultimaker. What I was expecting by now is an order acknowledgement with an estimated delivery date. I've heard nothing, I don't even know if my ordered has been registered with Ultimaker. May I suggest you allocate a serial number to all orders and email everyone with their serial number and estimated ship date. You can then keep a puplic log on the website with what serial numbers are shipping any week, any delays, etc. If people have contact and can see things happening they will wait p
  7. Nooooo..... My purchase is conditional that no cats anywhere on the planet are harmed in the making or shipping of my UM2, otherwise I'll have to cancel.
  8. Hi Everyone, Well after visiting the NEC and seeing lots of printers including the Ultimaker 2, followed by a week of weighty deliberations I've just ordered one. I'm coming from an UP background and really want the extra build space. I did here on the stand that UM2's would start shipping in the middle of this month, trouble is I've no idea how far down the queue I am. I'll give it a week, then start nagging (:-)
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