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  1. Well if you will use an iPhone! :evil: I did the same thing with an old android phone and it works a treat. Link.
  2. I still have the old parts, but now my machine is working so well I don't want to mess with it.
  3. A lot of us have been there. In my case Sander/Marriot sent me replacement teflon and nozzle parts which completely fixed the issue, as you can see After.
  4. Yep, lovely sunny day. Last print I did had lots of stringing, so I thought I'd knock out a quick test. Three post 40mm high. I modified the gcode by hand to start at 230C and reduce the temperature down to 190 in 1 degree/mm steps to see what was the best temperature. Set it going and went for a 2 mile(*) walk around town, well its such a sunny day! Hah! came back and guess what - no stringing at any temperature. So now I'm sipping my afternoon cup of tea - pondering why! :cool: (*) Ok, "Sports Tracker" says it was only 1.9 miles
  5. Heh heh. Its the gift of the gab, you've been at that stone again, Ian.
  6. Ian, google springer. Checkout the diverse companies with "springer" in their name. Then carry on and forget about it.
  7. Take your extrude apart and have a look at the spring. Try rotating the spring so that it sits flattest against the arm. I found during the many times I've taken mine apart that it is possible to place the spring so that just an edge is on the arm and this increases the pressure to the point where it chews up filament quickly. There are also alternative extruders you can try. Have a look in the thread I linked to above.
  8. Just a guess but I think it needs to be as narrow as possible whilst still allowing free movement. Too much ID would mean excessive amounts of retraction to overcome the "slop".
  9. @Diesalpower If you click the post number in the top right of the post, it give you a link to paste in for any post in a thread. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4393-ultimaker2-feeder-system-improvements-and-ideas/?p=36833
  10. But whatever you do, don't buy their rainbow pack. At £22 per meter, its a teensie bit expensive! :twisted: :grin:
  11. In Cura, when you click the save to SD button and it finishes saving, a little popup appears at the bottom of the screen with an eject button.
  12. The spool holder is the best way for me to use faberdashery filament. My printer is located at my workplace and I need to leave it running unattended overnight, so I absolutely must have a reliable filament delivery. It's also why I use an old smartphone to monitor the print from home, and my home made remote power switch to kill it if things go wrong. If you are able to pop your head through the door every hour or so then I see no reason not to just place it on the floor as others are doing.
  13. Here are the last few lines from the gcode that produced my failed print above. G1 X110.39 Y71.40 E9299.37581 G1 X110.45 Y71.31 E9299.38026 G1 X110.58 Y71.14 E9299.38878 G1 X110.95 Y70.62 E9299.41435 G1 X111.20 Y70.33 E9299.42952 G1 X111. It stops in the middle of a command, so I must have pulled the card without ejecting it. @braddock I use http://www.ebuyer.com/126448-veho-sd-to-usb-adapter-also-works-with-sdhc-mmc-vsd-001r. For the price, its great.
  14. That would definitely make me lose weight - all of it.
  15. I still have the gcode but its on the card I'm printing from, I'll check it out when the print is finished. I have a USB card reader dongle that I use to transfer to the card via cura. I normally use the eject button but I couldn't swear I did this time. It's on webcam if anyone has trouble sleeping tonight: woofycam.dnsdynamic.net port 8080 leave user name and password empty.
  16. Well really! I was about to make a post on the very same issue. I had a print running all last night, and when I looked at it this morning this is what I found. The print looked as though it finished properly with the head parking itself, but..... I loaded the gcode back into cura to look at and sure enough it stops at the same place the print did, there is no more gcode. I scliced it with 14.01, and I've been trying to reproduce the fault with no luck. I've just re-sliced and I'm now printing it again, having checked the gcode this time. I've no idea how it happened.
  17. Another Faberdashery fan here, although not compared to ColorFabb as I've not tried them yet. I use the spool holder that cor3ys linked to above.
  18. Hey Takei, Isn't there something missing? Like an extruder motor?
  19. You and me, both. My avatar is just a teen'sy ween'sy bit out of date. :cry:
  20. Didn't get to D3D, but I did make it over to MACH at the NEC on Friday. Creat3D were there showing my two favourite printers, the UP and UM2. They also had a replicator and Leapfrog Creatr there. The Creatr was on my shortlist before buying the UM2. It has a huge print volume but no heated bed. Hey Skint. Here you go mate.
  21. From a practical point of view, I've done this a number of times now with my remote power switch. There were no ill effects on the um2 at all. The next print started normally each time.
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