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  1. Yes! You're completely right! I figured something similar. I did not know the steppers were different, so I've used the same type for all of them. Thank you very much, Marco.
  2. Hi, after 2 years with my original UM2, I've made a clone. Now I'm facing a strange issue with the feeder. The feeder motor goes double speed, to print I need to reduce Material Flow down to 50%, otherwise it clicks continuously. I've tried with another stepper, with no results. Does anybody suggest me something? thanks, Marco.
  3. Hi, I've found this issue on my UM2 with 15.01 - select Material->Change (wait to complete the procedure) - press the knob on Ready for microstepping in - press the knob Ready again to quick load the material - press the knob again to be Ready as the material comes out - now select type of material (example PLA), and OK - the head homes - now select Change again (the stepper makes a quick unload) - the head homes and happens an error: ERROR STOPPED X or Y switch stuck contact ultimaker.com Let me know if somebody else has the same issue, thank you, Marco.
  4. D'oh! -gr5- This is amazing! My project seems to be ridiculous compared to this chain... :sad: I've just designed it and placed on Youmagine, no prior search... anyway, thanks for the link. -illuminarti- you're right, but my cables are twisted in the wrong direction, and regularly go under the bed. Well, I can disconnect them, untwist and reattach, but I don't know that type of connection and I don't want to get another issue... Thank you, Marco.
  5. Hi, on my brand new Ultimaker 2 I've found an annoying issue. The build plate cables are regularly trapped below it, when the plate goes down. This means that finally the plate is bent by the cables, and after many and many times, the cables could be damaged. So, I've made a cable guide that can be locked using existing screws, and protect the cables. Here is the YouMagine link: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2-cable-protection-guide Enjoy, Marco.
  6. Hi, how many UM robots are around the world? Please, add your UM robot picture in your city or a place you love! Last week my UM Robot had a trip to Venice, Italy: Marco.
  7. No plugins needed, I've just joined together different color filaments. It's easy, you just need to make a composition of filaments long as the printing needs, then load the filament and print. I will publish a video soon, Marco.
  8. Hi, this is a multicolor print with my UM2: awesome machine!
  9. Thank you! Recorded with a Panasonic HS700, that has a built-in time lapse function, then edited with Final Cut Pro X. Marco.
  10. Hi, my contribution to this project: https://vimeo.com/86229918 Marco.
  11. In the beginning I was for buying Netfabb too, just to be guided and helped during the printing processes, but now I can really say that Cura is a great software and you don't really need anything else. I suggest you to get practice with it using the layer visualization option and the automated tools for print supports. Good luck, Marco.
  12. Ciao mamywave, il mio primo suggerimento è quello di orientarlo correttamente, quindi la parte davanti dell'anello va appoggiata al piano, così da far crescere i lati verso l'alto. Secondo; PLA vero? impostazioni manuali sulla macchina, temperatura 220-230 (fai delle prove così da vedere quale deposito viene più omogeneo), velocità 40%, retraction 35mm/s, per evitare che ti faccia filamenti tra un percorso e l'altro, inoltre esporterei da Cura con layer a 0.1, in modo da ridurre gli angoli troppo inclinati. La stampa 3D non è una scienza perfetta ancora e molto dipende dall'esperienza che ti farai con le prove. Sicuramente per stampare bene oggetti così particolari e sottili, devi lavorare a bassa velocità. Considera che un buon sistema è anche quello di variare i parametri durante la stampa e vedere il risultato; io uso un paio di occhiali ingranditori e modifico manualmente i parametri in corsa; in tal modo impari molto sulla risposta della macchina e anche dei materiali. A presto e fammi sapere, Marco.
  13. Ciao ragazzi, sono di Udine, mi occupo di micro meccanica, faccio l'orologiaio; ho dall'inizio di gennaio una UM2, con cui sto stampando veramente di tutto. E' una macchina straordinaria, in particolare quando si impara a gestirla bene con i parametri manuali. Se avete bisogno di consigli sull'uso, per quanto possa fare, sono a disposizione. Teocreo, sono molto interessato agli strumenti laser che hai costruito!!! Sei un vero maker! A presto, Marco.
  14. Well, the switch was already blended in my UM2, so I decided for another strategy. I've changed the shape of the screws using my lathe: and at the same time I've followed Sander's suggestion and I've blended a little more the fanshroud; issue successfully solved: the scratch on the picture is the older one, but you can notice that the screws are now inside the shape of the fan. Thanks, Marco.
  15. Hi, in my UM2, the left head fan screw is milling the left side box cover: http://i1360.photobucket.com/albums/r658/GinoVannellis/DSC00899_zpsd1b57627.jpg I noticed that the printer had from the beginning some scratches, but I didn't relate them to what is happening. Some suggestions? Thanks, Marco.
  16. Hi, a small application of 3D printing in my workshop: M.
  17. Hi guys, with your suggestions, I've printed with a really quality result and I'm really enjoying my UM2; working in manual/expert mode feel me like a photographer that use his reflex in manual mode for amazing shots... :-) Thank you very much, Marco.
  18. Great! Thank you very much! Marco. P.S. "illuminarti" sounds really italian...
  19. Great! Thanks for suggestions. I will try again this night. I'm happy too because your thoughts guys meet my sensations about the issue - a special feeling is rising with my printer Marco.
  20. I did not change the speed, so I'm using the default for PLA (100%). I've exported from Cura at low quality. Well I will check the 3rd fan, but I remember I've seen it working fine. So, I will try reducing the speed, 70% could be good? Changing to mid quality on Cura can change something? About the odd sound I heard from the stepper, is something I've to check? Thanks, Marco.
  21. Hi guys, this is my day 2 with UM2, and I need an help. I've successfully printed several simple items, and now I want to print one bracelet for my daughter, is one of these items: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:195497 everything starts fine, but after a while, it seems to be a problem with the filament extrusion, because the PLA stops to flow out and I heard a "stock" coming from the filament stepper motor. I've tried 3 times, with this result: http://i1360.photobucket.com/albums/r658/GinoVannellis/20140109_143358_zps022cb432.jpg After the printing abort, I've successfully manually moved the extrusion out with the maintenance menu, so there is no nozzle locked issue. I've used normal PLA parameters and one time I've increased the temperature up to 222Deg. No way. Where I'm wrong? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Marco.
  22. Hi, I've received my UM2 yesterday, and I'm familiarizing with this amazing machine! I noticed that the selector knob becames hard to rotate, and that it's not centered to the pin, it skirts the border. Anybody know how I can solve this issue? Thanks in advance, Marco.
  23. UR right, but... I'm a watchmaker and I've a lot of finger protections, and I'm so used to swim in the grease... :-P M.
  24. Well, I will follow your suggestion. Thanks, Marco.
  25. Well, I'll open an urgent ticket, maybe someone will give me the right solution. Anyway, thanks, Marco.
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