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  1. Buenas yo estoy vendiendo mi UM2, asi que si alguien la quiere en menos de tres dias que lo diga. mandarme un privado y hablamos.
  2. Want to sale my Ultimaker 2 with 5 spools of ultimaker filament and a couple of faberdashery filament as well(partially used someones more the others).right now i be focus in printing food (because iam a chef) and purchase a food 3d printer. so send me a message or post if somebody are interesting. thanks.
  3. Faberdashery was the best,but the tangles was a really pain on my.....ss,hope theirs resolve that soon(also the envelope was so sweet..) ultimaker was good really good,some premium ones from formfutura as well, And i go to buy my next big filament bacht from color fabb,with some woodfill,xt,and PLA so i give a feedback then.
  4. yes same to me happends just turn back the clip to level and then put it again when its leveled also i notice its a little bug during printing/tune/temperature,sometimes the set temperature its "0" then if i go in and back its "220" at "0" still getting warm but....and the prints start from the oposite corner from home axis...
  5. Si en un futuro próximo pondrán a la venta un kit de expansión para dual extruder ,la máquina en sí está concebida para ello.
  6. Thanks Daid i will wait a bit for theirs updates troubleshooting etc ,meanwhile i try other adjustements
  7. cannot make it work with this settings its a big space bettwen layers after the 2nd or 3rd at 30mm/s and looks like underextrussion too. can be connect trow lan to the router to update it or must be only by wireless
  8. i create some rubbish..... :oops: and download the models. :-P https://www.youmagine.com/ http://www.thingiverse.com/ https://grabcad.com/ etc etc.... the settings for the rose i will post tomorrow had it at the SD card and its bussy now. here the link for the rose enjoy.http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:84075
  9. Another option before replace. http://colorfabb.com/woodfill/6-woodfill-fine-300.html PRE-ORDER NOW! SHIPPING STARTS EARLY DECEMBER Wood filled filament for 3D printing Effective Diameter = 2.85 mm +/- 0.10 mm 1 Spool contains approx. 750 grams of filament Processing temperature = 195 - 230 degrees C Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm also i think this must work too. https://www.igo3d.com/pla-abs-filament/special-filaments-3-00mm-nylon-laywood-laybrick-glow-in-the-dark-for-3d-printer/laywoo-d3-wood-filament.html iam so interesting in print with wood filament as well but not in change noz
  10. Finally it arrives,and it works i guess much better in a short time. first impressions are good,have to work as an acces point now but it works i mean its a quick and clean connection to the printer, right now the firmware was much basic just make doodles think rick make a big update soon with some improvements like a necessary option to make the walls thicker and some streecht goals of the kickstarter campain, first i run a few fail prints with settings from ultimaker(1) mine its UM2,also doodle3d take total control of the machine so after hit print you can not modify nothing from ulticontr
  11. supoustly it was in previous versions of cura, when you print throw usb conecction, it shows in print menu with cam options etc, no with SD print.
  12. i really miss a "pause print" option and "change filament" during the print,also an option to turn off the led lights(during print), and manual feed material just before print in custom options (after press print)and cud feed material just a little before the print starts cud be amazing... :-P dont really necesary but home head after bed leveling cud be good too.
  13. No not much just a few travel thin hair, will post a close up photo.
  14. A rose for my wife.....not Headache tonight... :eek:
  15. well i dont use so much the basic settings...thats right,usually print at 1mm also i tune the speed and the temperatures during the print, shell thick 1.2 was give good results for middle overhangs parts,iam not hurry to get the print, so less speed usualy gives more quality. on the machine part i check/fit every screw when arrive and not much.
  16. No its just out of the printer without post procces ,it works fine ,just put the ballon on the top pipe then exaust trow the back pipe, the body was made with ultimaker filament and the weels with faberdasherys, My girls love the pink
  17. Hi ,before i start printing that model, want to know from the "jedis" if you print that with UM2 wich settings you set? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:124990/#files this one looks to be a simplify one. here is other also http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24068
  18. just finish some for my little daughter its a jet car powered with a ballon so fun for bouth :grin: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30624
  19. not so much difference, i got no problems before with it, but cud be happend, and basicly makes me feel safe for long prints, also needs to be fit a bit. the first models i made with the same diameter then spool hole notice i broke a couple, then made it bigger then the guide goes a bit to the right up than also its better to guide trow the natural way of the filament, cud be great a light version then fits on the back betwen the spool holder and the back panel with an "L" form, for gently fits the two spools with two hole filament guide on the middle area of the spools...without need to u
  20. Great job!!that mai vary on a real print... i mean the retraction etc can influence on that values provoke a real less usefull values.
  21. In need to redisgn de model to fit a bit better hope you like the concept it works fine right now let you some picks guys. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2-filament-guide-beta-v1-3
  22. good to know what thats hole for...thanks,its clear then the machine was prepare for improvements dual extruder etc,just extrange theirs disregarded that. for the moment i be printing the V1.1 of mi monster filament guide (the V1.0 dont works well) :-P :-P
  23. YES... it is a fantastic machine out of the box,but like every3Dprinter/delivery you can have bad luck or not,i guess theirs get in better and better when the production get stablish we can not unexpected minor issues like soft screws etc. right now i be printing for 56 hours diferent models and i only find problems with some models but for slice fault or my own playing with settings tunes. also iam a owner of Solidoodle2 about a year and i tune everything in it, UM2 its like walk trow the flowers..
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