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  1. Hi, Sorry missed your reply. I had a little bit of success of CF, I used the Hardcore Nozzle for 3D Solex. We have now sold the UM3 as it just couldn't produce the quality of prints that we needed. We tried all sorts of retraction settings and just couldn't get clean prints. The support material used to drag and get caught on the print, and then obviously when you dissolve it you get an imperfection on the surface. The CF material also dragged and left bobbles on the print surface. Everything we tried with success on the UM2+ didn't work on the UM3, nothing else we tried worked eit
  2. UM3 has been sold, but the UM2+ is still available! BR Rich
  3. Ah nooo!! sorry! Looking for £1200 for the UM2+ and £2200 for the UM3 both plus VAT if applicable. So around £600-700 off new and still in warranty. BR Rich
  4. Few pictures of the UM2+, UM3 pictures coming! BR Rich
  5. Great, thanks. We we are switching production methods and 4 printers is too many, so we need to sell a couple of them off. BR rich
  6. Hi, I'm selling my UM2+ (545 print hours) and my UM3 (not sure how to find the hours on this one, but it's lower the the 2+). Both in excellent condition and come in original boxes with some filament. UM2+ comes with a 0.4mm Olsson Ruby and a standard 0.4mm nozzle. The 3 comes with an 0.4mm AA print core with Ruby nozzle, another 0.4mm AA core and a 0.4mm BB core. Let me know if anyone is interested! Cheers Rich
  7. Hi, I'm going to be selling my UM2+, it was new in April this year. I will double check the hours on it, but they are pretty low. It will come with an Ruby 0.4mm nozzle and quite a bit of filament. I'm in the UK!. I'll PM you as well! BR Rich
  8. This is the first issue I have had with nozzles, all my prints on the UM3 are over 30hrs normally. I have tried heating it up after removing the nozzle from the core, but I think that have the nozzle heated and cooled for probably around 12hrs constantly has caused the filament in the nozzle to stick in the nozzle. I will keep trying as I don't really want to have to buy another everlasting nozzle, sort of defeats the object. BR Rich
  9. Hi, has anyone had any issues with these nozzles becoming blocked? I had some filament break half way thru a 36hr print. The print then continued until the end with core 1 heating the filament but the filament wasn't being pushed thru. The nozzle is now blocked and I have no idea how to clear these as the atomic pull doesn't work due to the design of the nozzle. Anyone got any ideas? BR Rich
  10. Sorted the issue, hopefully on both printers. On the UM2+ it was a partially blocked nozzle, so a couple of atomic pulls solved the issue. On the UM2 with a Bondtech feeder I think its wearing of the drive gears. So just waiting for replacement ones to arrive to see if that fixes the issue. BR Rich
  11. Yeah that was my thoughts as well, but to get that sort of result I would expect at least a 20°C plus temperature error. Can they really be that far out between 2 printers that are the same model? BR Rich
  12. Hi Guys, Any idea what's causing this to happen? Using an UM2+ with Porto-Pasta Carbon Fibre filament. No heated bed, extruded at 235°C. I can print the exact same part on my other UM2+ with identical settings flawlessly. No idea why it isn't printing on this one. Also having the same issue with my UM2. Cheers Rich
  13. Hi, I'm trying to print 30+ models at a time in Cura 2.5, but when I load one in and the duplicate it they all appear in a long line off the build plate. Is there anyway to automatically set the position of the models around the centre of the build platform working outwards? If not this is something that really needs to be implemented. BR Rich
  14. Hi, Has anyone tried printing a Carbon Fibre material with PVA support on the UM3? Obviously with an upgraded block to allow for a steel nozzle - 3DSolex or something similar. We have had a test print done with the UM Nylon and PVA on an UM3, but after dissolving the PVA the Nylon is far to flexible for our needs. Any help or advice welcome. Cheers Rich
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