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  1. Pronterface is using com3 @ 250000 Cura was set to com3 @ auto, ill try 250000
  2. Hello, I have been having a problem for the past few days with Cura not wanting to connect to my Ultimaker. I have looked on the net and have tried disabling the driver, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, restarting my computer with the USB cable unplugged and still cant get it to work. The weird thing is that Pronterface will connect just fine and everything works. I know both Pronterface and Cura cant connect at the same time so I fully disconnect and close Pronterface before trying Cura. Cura has been amazing since I got my printer and I dont understand what has changed. I have tr
  3. Here is my take on a new hot end. Stainless steel insulator with thin section, aluminum heat sink and cooling fan. The transition zone is about 4mm and the over all hot end is about 10mm longer than the stock one. I plan to make a shorter one and test it soon but this setup has successfully printed 5 medium to large PLA parts and 10 ABS parts without a hitch.
  4. Thanks for the reply Daid. That sounds about right, it seemed like the support in the z direction was perfectly fused to the object it self. I haven't tryed the touching build plate yet as my object needed more support but I'll give it a try.
  5. I have figured out that it was my hot end, I broke my original insulator tube and bought a new whole hot end off eBay from China because it was cheaper. Needless to say it was very poorly made which was letting the PLA build up and clog (when the fill was printing )in the new insulator tube. After many iterations I came up with a new all metal hot end with active cooling which has fixed all my issues. Thanks for your help gr5
  6. Hello Cura 13.06 (I think) is what I was using before and the support material removed very easily. Might have taken longer to print though. I have downloaded and installed the new Cura 13.10 (which I have noticed states the support prints faster and removes more easily) and when printing an object the support seems to be stronger than the object itself and when I go to remove it I end up breaking the piece. Is there a setting I can change somewhere to make the support thinner/ less srtong/ easier to remove?
  7. Infill speed was set to 0 here is my cura setup
  8. I added another picture to the flickr link above. I found that the filament was clogging before the insulator and think i have fixed that problem. The solid layers are printing good but the fill is still weird. The picture of the white latch is printed at 30% infill with abs.
  9. Hello all, I am having issues with my infill. The outer shell wall looks great, the solid first few layers print good to okay but the fill just turns to junk. I have upped the infill overlap to 20% and the filament size to 2.8 when it measures around 3mm to up the filament out. I am stuck and would appreciate any input. below is a flickr link to the pics of a few pieces that didn't turn out good. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23320916@N06/
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